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References to a 12 ″ MacBook from “early 2016” are found in the latest version of OS X Server

On Monday, as you all know, Apple released OS X El Capitan 10.11.4. But along with it came other updates, like version 5.1 of OS X Server:

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And look – a source of 9to5Mac found references to a 12 ″ MacBook from “early 2016” on configuration screens (from System Image Utility) of that OS X Server [imagem no topo].

The first generation of this MacBook was launched at the special event that Apple held in March last year, but nothing was said about it last Monday. Still, it is quite expected that an upgrade will arrive soon, and this reference on OS X Server is a strong indication of that.

Intel already has new generation processors Skylake destined for a MacBook like this, but other than that, information about what’s new is scarce. The biggest crowd, without a doubt, is for a second USB-C port on the opposite side of the current one. ?