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Reeder 4 comes to macOS / iOS with lots of news; Instagram, MindNode, and Gmail are updated

And we're back with the most important updates from popular App Store apps! Let's take a look at them?

Reeder 4

Reeder 4 app icon

Reeder 4 app icon

Those who have a habit of reading articles and content on the Internet will certainly know (or use) the Reederis one of the best utilities for this purpose for Macs and iPhones / iPads. Recently, the developer Silvio Rizzi released the newest version of the application (the fourth), with several news.

The biggest thing can't be seen: in Reeder 4, the foundation of the apps for macOS and iOS is now the same, meaning that apps will be updated much faster and easier by the developer, and share the same features. and work together.

In addition, the new version has a feature called Bionic Reading (“Binary Reading”) which, with the help of artificial intelligence, highlights certain important terms and phrases in a text to increase the reader's focus and attention. The tool is in beta on macOS and reach iOS until the end of the month.

What's more, Reeder 4 features a “Read Later” button that syncs with iCloud, a redesigned article viewer, article list previews, search engine, and more. Ah, in macOS the app has also gained a Dark Mode to call your own, which may or may not follow your overall system preference.

The bad part is that Reeder 4 is a new app, so to speak, meaning that anyone who has already purchased Reeder 3 or earlier will have to purchase the app again.


Instagram app icon

The world's largest social network of photos and videos, in turn, added something new that you have certainly seen while browsing the Stories from your friends: the ability to add multiple choice questions in the ephemeral media.

Starting today, you can use the new quiz stickers on the Stories to ask multiple choice questions to your friends and followers. See how well your friends know you. 🤔🙃

The call quiz sticker available in the sticker drawer, which you recall by sliding your finger up on the Story. Simply formulate the desired question and set up to four multiple choice answers; The results will be on the photo or video information screen and you can share them later.

The news is available on the latest version of Instagram.

MindNode 6

MindNode 6 app icon

MindNode 6 app icon

Maybe you have never heard of MindNodebut it is a very interesting tool for organizing ideas and thought flows either individually or collectively in a brainstorm. Recently, the app arrived sixth verse with some news on macOS and iOS.

Among them, we can mention the new feature Focus, which highlights a section or individual topics within a map so that you as your name already says focus on a specific area of ​​the idea or project. A new option called Hide Connections (“Hide Connections”), erases the extra lines connecting the topics and sub-topics for a cleaner map.

On iOS specifically, MindNode 6 adds the ability to select multiple objects and topics at once; Application integration with external monitors has also been improved.

MindNode 6 requires macOS High Sierra or higher and iOS 11 or higher. It can be free on both platforms, but the free version only includes two weeks of testing after that, you can only view maps already created; To unlock the full software, you need to make a purchase of R $ 55 (iOS) or $ 150 (macOS).

MindNode 4 users on iOS can upgrade for $ 38, while MindNode 2 users on macOS can upgrade for $ 75; Those who are on newer versions of the software can upgrade for free.


Gmail app icon: Google Email

Finally, the most popular email client in the world has gained two minor, but very useful news: You can now mark messages as important and use important markers to view the messages that matter when you need them.