Reduction in ICMS returns to make the acquisition of several iProducts directly from the United States via SkyBOX advantageous

On January 1, a menu came into force that reduced the Tax on Operations Relating to the Circulation of Goods and on the Provision of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication Services (ICMS) from 18% to 4%, which directly and significantly affects importing products into Brazil.

And that also includes the SkyBOX, partner of long standing that allows consumers to purchase products in the United States and receive them at their homes in Brazil, in a totally safe and legal manner.

SkyBOX and  on Safari

Of course, the new ICMS rules affect everything and everyone, but companies like Apple will not rush to make price adjustments because of this. In the case of SkyBOX it is different, since the calculation is made at the time of purchase.

With that, several iProducts they can now be purchased directly from the USA at far more favorable prices than Brazilian officials. Check out just * some * examples:

ProductPreo in USAPreo in BrazilPreo via SkyBOX *
16GB iPod nano $ 150 R $ 760 R $ 570
21.5 ″ 2.7GHz iMac $ 1,300 R $ 6,200 R $ 4,640
27 ″ iMac with 2.9GHz $ 1,800 R $ 8,500 R $ 6,390
13 ″ MacBook Pro Retina with 2.5GHz $ 1,700 R $ 7,000 R $ 5,990
MacBook Pro Retina 15 ″ with 2.3GHz $ 2,200 R $ 10,000 R $ 7,750
iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi $ 330 N / A R $ 1,250
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular 16GB $ 460 N / A R $ 1,700

(*) Approximate values ‚Äč‚Äčmay vary according to the dollar quote. Check the SkyBOX calculator.

Note that even the iPad mini, which has not been officially launched in Brazil, is included in the table. As they are already officially approved by ANATEL, this cannot even be seen as an impediment to the acquisition via SkyBOX.

In the first year, the rental of the virtual suite on SkyBOX is only $ 24 via our link.

Recently, SkyBOX clarified several doubts about its service through a topic in our forum and also started to allow Brazilians to order prints of iPhoto for it, something that Apple still does not offer here today.