Redream a great Dreamcast emulator for PC and Android

The Dreamcast was released in Brazil on October 10, 1999. Developed in a partnership between Sega and Microsoft, the console has such interesting aspects as: Its computer-based architecture, making it easier for developers to port PC games to the console. A completely Windows CE-based system, which ran amazingly similar to a linux distro on live cd. Besides being able to perform functions of computers of the time, like typing texts, surfing the internet, watching videos and listening to music. Too bad it has not been around the world, yet it is extremely popular in Japan. redream-emuldor-dreamcast-pc-desktop-mobile-linux-windows-mac-android

The Dreamcast had an important place in my teens, where I had a good time with its various titles. Here's the opportunity to enjoy your Dreamcast games, whether on Linux, Windows, macOS or Android.

Redream, beautiful, simple and efficient

Those familiar with the world of emulation may have already thought of the classic Dreamcast emulator, Reicast, but we'll talk about another alternative. Redream is a Dreamcast emulator that has a clean, neat and beautiful interface. Its current compatibility of about 80% of console titles, so the chances of not playing that your favorite game are slim.


The emulator has two versions, one Lite and one Premium, being the first free option and the second costing US $ 5 (dollars). The only difference from one version to another is that Premium has the option of rendering in high definition. Something that I didn't particularly miss so much, however feel free to purchase the paid alternative.


A straight to the point emulator

Redream has a simplistic and elegant interface without any distractions or complex configurations. Divided into 5 categories (tabs), namely: Games, Library, Input, Video and System. The program is easy to understand.

In Games, all your previously added games are in the emulator library. A curious detail, the attention of its developers by the application design, because when adding a game in the library the emulator automatically downloads its original cover.

redream-emuldor-dreamcast-pc-desktop-mobile-linux-windows-mac-android Library where you indicate the path of your Dreamcast games, just click the Add Directory button and walk to the location of your games. redream-emuldor-dreamcast-pc-desktop-mobile-linux-windows-mac-android

In the Input category, there is the possibility to configure 4 players in the emulator. To configure the keys or buttons (if you have a joystick), just click the option according to the player's number, then Customize binds and assign the corresponding keys / buttons. As I mentioned earlier, the visual details and ease of use give the emulator a huge advantage. A simple gesture of visually offering the model of the original console joystick greatly assists in the setup. Something I don't remember seeing in other emulators.


Now in the Video option, basic settings can be made, such as changing the resolution, running in window mode, emulator window appearance etc.


Lastly, System, with console region options, emulator interface language, and more. At the moment I write this post, there is no Portugus option in the emulator, however it will be nothing that hinders its use.


Downloading the desktop version of Redream

Download the emulator at the following link.. Choose between Lite or Premium version, soon after, you will be taken to a new page. It is up to you to download the Stable version with stable features or the Developmement version that gets new features and the version is not so stable. Then select your operating system, in my case I will click the button with the penguin, indicative of Linux. redream-emuldor-dreamcast-pc-desktop-mobile-linux-windows-mac-android

Extract the tar.gz file and verify that the executable, called redream, has permission to execute. In Ubuntu just right-click, go to Properties >> Permissions tab and check if the checkbox is checked (Allow file execution as a program).


Execute by double clicking or right-clicking on the Execute option.

See below a video I made on OSystematicHere I show you the download, explanation and use of the Redream emulator.

Android version of Redream

Redream recently received an Android version, its desktop-like interface. Thus both on PC and Smartphone their use will be similar (at least in the design aspect of the emulator). To enjoy Dreamcast games on Android, just have a smartphone with Snapdragon 630 processor. I think the experience will be satisfactory, it is evident that the greater the processing capacity of your gadget, the better the gambling.


And you played a lot on Dreamcast? I've spent hours and hours playing Marvel vs. Capcom, among other games.

Until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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