Redmi 2 / Redmi 2 Pro: How are Xiaomi's Android Updates

Redmi 2 / Redmi 2 Pro: How are Xiaomi's Android Updates

Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Pro are the only Xiaomi smartphones officially sold in Brazil. Both devices run with the so-called MIUI, which is based on Android. The ROM, developed by Mi, is being officially updated to version 7.5, which features cool features and timely enhancements. Find out all the details about this update by going to the "Lollipop / MIUI 7.5 Android update" topic.

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Redmi 2 / Redmi 2 Pro – Android Update Lollipop / MIUI 7.5

MIUI, although based on Android, follows a different update rate. The new stable version of ROM was released in China on June 28, and is coming to handsets sold in Brazil from today (26/7). MIUI 7.5 brings timely improvements in system performance and incorporates new features that will even be present in version 8.0 – see details in the MIUI 8 topic below.

Below you can check the screenshots of the update sent by the reader. Bruno Bonfim Of Santana, who owns a national Redmi 2 Pro:

miui7.5 stable rom android
MIUI update to version 7.5 on redmi 2 national pro / AndroidPIT

If you have a Redmi 2 or Redmi 2 Pro you can already update your device via the "Update" application, which comes pre-installed on the device. Remember to back up important information and data that is stored on your device. Below you will find the key features of MIUI 7.5:

  • New shortcut to main menu
  • App protection with App lock (by password)
  • Redesigned weather forecast app
  • More functional system optimizer
  • Wallpaper with the theme "Carousel"

The full ROM flash tutorial can be found on the MIUI ROM User Support website. You can access it via this link.

Redmi 2 / Redmi 2 Pro – Android Update Marshmallow / MIUI 8

Xiaomi delivered on its promises and began the trial period of the MIUI 8 beta, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Links to the ROM are available on the manufacturer's official blog. However, Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Pro devices have not entered the list of devices that can enjoy the new UI in the testing phase.

Unfortunately, the new ROM is specific to Chinese devices and there is not yet an international version of the software. But even though it's still in the testing phase, accessing the MIUI forum can already see what the new interface looks like.

androidpit xiaomi miui 8
MIUI 8 is based on Android Marshmallow / Xiaomi

We hope this new trial version will be more stable, and more Xiaomi devices will be supported, including Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Pro. The global version of the software is still being tested.

Among other things, MIUI 8 includes new features like carousel wallpapers, integrated photo and video editing tools, power saving mode, increased security, new sources and better multitasking management.

When the OTA update arrives for your Redmi 2 / Redmi 2 Pro

To find out if your device has a new version of Android / MIUI, go to the following path: Settings> About Phone> System Updates.

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OTA Installation Process on Redmi 2 Pro / ANDROIDPIT</figure><h3><span class=Send your update to AndroidPIT

If you own a Redmi 2 or Redmi 2 Pro and have recently received an update notification, please submit a screenshot and share it with our copy. You can contact us by email: press@androidpit. Be sure to give us your full name so we can give you proper credit for the information.

And with which version of Android / MIUI is your Redmi 2 / Redmi 2 Pro running?

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