Recurring rumor: third generation iPhone will have video chat

Recurring rumor: third generation iPhone will have video chat

iPhone video-chat

With the introduction of multimedia messaging (MMS) support on the iPhone, Apple has taken a step forward to cover one of its shortcomings. It is already known that the sending of photos will be allowed, but evidence found in the beta of the iPhone OS 3.0 shows that there is a possibility that the tool also supports video reception through these messages.

With rumors that the next iPhone operating system will have a tool for video editing and the adoption of a new video camera in the third generation of the device, the possibility arose that Apple would be working on a tool that will allow the realization of videoconferences. (video chats) on your smartphone.

To add even more fuel to the fire, AT&T recently announced that it will roll out a new 7.2Mbps HSPA network that supports download speeds higher than the current ones, which many believe is a preparation to support the increase in data traffic that will be caused by video transmissions.

But there are some important factors to consider: first, the adoption of a front camera on the device may explain why the speakers were supposed to be moved to the top. The hardware for video encoding will also have to be superior to that of the current model, with improvements in RAM and processing power, something that rumors also indicate will happen.

I would love to see an iPhone with a version of iChat for instant messaging and video chat. But I think it will not yet be now with a telephone network that is still not 100% reliable (even in the United States) that Apple, with its demand known for quality and excellence, will adopt. Who knows, later on?