Record number of accidents in private aviation has a negative record thanks to iPad and flight apps

That Apple products help to improve and even save lives in a number of different ways, we all know a lot because the company itself loves to boast about it. But it is an interesting and unusual statistic: the number of accidents in small / private aircraft has reached a new negative record in 2015, and the reason may be precisely in the advent of Ma herself.

According to data brought by Bloomberg, the incidence of fatal accidents on small and private aircraft in the United States in 2015 was 1.03 for every 100,000 flight hours. This is the lowest number ever recorded since such statistics began to be collected.

And some of those most responsible for these numbers beyond positives bear the Ma brand. The report indicates that the extensive use of iPads and airplane / weather apps at the time of flight is helping immensely pilots from around the world to better prepare for their flights and avoid problems with aircraft before takeoff.

According to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor of aeronautics and astronautics John Hansman, despite the need to approach the data with caution since the numbers related to private aircraft are much scarcer than those of commercial aircraft, undeniable than electronic devices. , especially the iPad and its apps, are making the whole act of flying more practical and safe.

So I think we can expect an air segment in the next inspirational-advertising video for Apple's next keynote.

(via MacRumors)