Hand opening a MacBook Air

Recently leaked identifiers must be from new MacBooks Air; new Mac Pro may be very different from the current

Two days ago, some identifiers appeared (stock keeping units, or SKUs – in Portuguese, stock keeping units) mysterious of new iProducts, but now the 9to5Mac claims to have received information about them being really new MacBooks Air.

Hand opening a MacBook Air

The source of the vehicle shared the prices of the four models and they match the current structure of the Airs. The machines are expected to incorporate the new Intel “Haswell” chips, FaceTime camera with Full HD 1080p resolution, dual microphone system and Wi-Fi in the IEEE 802.11ac standard.

Such new features are expected for Apple laptops, but it would be * very * curious to see all these things coming to Airs before the Pros – however close the update of these are, too.

The previous post on SKUs also listed three other products, which the 9to5Mac believes they are new AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule (with their two capabilities). As such, they would also gain support for the new “Wi-Fi 5G” (or “Wi-Fi Gigabit”, as they prefer).

Mac Pro

At the same time, the long-awaited new generation of Macs Pro it looks like it will be worth it. In the REDUSER.net forums, the MacRumors found a post by Andrew Scott Baird quite curious, citing a conversation he would have recently had with Douglas Brooks (Mac Hardware Product Manager at Apple). This would have said:

You will be very pleased to have waited [para comprar uma nova torre]. We are doing something really different around here and I think you will be very excited when you see what we are preparing. I can’t wait to show it.

The Mac Pro is probably the Apple computer that most needs an upgrade (the significant ones). In early February, Apple would have “confirmed” to a French retailer that the launch of a new Mac Pro was imminent. In March, our collaborator Thiago Drummond published an opinionated article about what we can expect from these new machines.

And WWDC is coming… ?