Recent updates on the App Store: Xcode, Telegram, OmniOutliner 5, Dropbox and more!

Recent updates on the App Store: Xcode, Telegram, OmniOutliner 5, Dropbox and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Xcode app icon


in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 11.3.1 (7.8 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.4 or superior

Support Swift 3.1 and SDKs for iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra 10.12, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2, in addition to fixing a bug that could create application files larger than necessary.

Telegram app icon

Application created now in Swift 3.0, greater stability and speed, better development speed (you will receive new updates more often than before) and a sidebar for stickers and emojis.

OmniOutliner 5 app icon

Filters (use the search field on the toolbar to make a quick keyword filter); document statistics (line, word and character counts are displayed in the lower status bar); “No Distraction” mode (automatically hides the toolbar when switching to full screen mode); lateral margins (in full screen mode, drag the edges of the margin to define the width of the outline regardless of the width of the screen); Touch Bar (use and customize the Touch Bar for quick access to resources); dark mode (the OmniOutliner UI adapts the background color of the document's theme); and much, much more!

Sorry, app not found.

Protect your texts with Touch ID, new filter and cone options, bug fixes and more!


Dropbox app icon


in Dropbox

Version 180.2 (266.9 MB) Requires iOS 11.1 or superior

The sharing screen has a new layout, making it easier to view and manage members, RAW images can now be previewed in the application, in addition to the traditional bug fixes.

Periscope app icon

360-degree video streaming to users (the app itself has not been updated).

Google Duo app icon

It is now possible to make audio calls, in addition to bug fixes and improvements.

The Weather Channel app icon: Forecasts

Easily save recently searched cities to favorites via our location manager. You will also be able to view, at one time, the current conditions for all your favorite locations; the joy tracker is now better, as it shows the total plen count and the individual plen couns of trees, grass and ambrosia; performance improvements and bug fixes.

IFTTT app icon



Version 4.8.0 (79.4 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Applets for the Calendar and for the App Store; now you can see all collections Applets in the app; VoiceOver improvements and bug fixes.

Easy app icon, a Cabify app

Request a run with one touch, new login screen, new registration process, new data editing screen and accessibility improvements (now you can use VoiceOver).

ProCam 7 app icon

Slower shutter speeds can now be selected in Time Lapse; up to 4 different AEB groups can now be added; “Lock all manual controls” button added; the third grid now shows a slope indicator.

Hipstamatic Classic app icon

New effect (Kissimmee HipstaPak).

Smule app icon - App # 1 To Sing

Imperfection filter (try the imperfection filter on your videos for a more special look; you can turn it on and off before, during and after singing).

Smiles app icon


in Smiles

Compatible with iPhones

Version 2.93.0 (277.5 MB) Requires iOS 9.3 or superior

Favorite passenger (save the people who travel the most with you to facilitate your next issues); choosing and changing seats on GOL flights; promotional code for discount on airline tickets; in addition to bug fixes and instabilities.

Musixmatch app icon

With Musixmatch Premium, you can enjoy any letter (online and offline), also synchronizing the translations.

KAYAK Travel Finder app icon

Do you want to track a friend's flight or organize the details of your own trip? Now you find everything in one place: Trips; if you know the terminal of your flight, it is now easier to access the terminal map at Trips to help you get around the airport; the notifications push for price alerts, they got a new look and it’s even easier to know if it’s time to book; various improvements and bug fixes.

Banco Original app icon

Consult tariffs, track card delivery, performance improvements and bug fixes.

OLX app icon: Buy and Sell

More information about your published ads: now you can see when your ads are waiting to air.

Crossy Road app icon

11 new costumes.

Sorry, app not found.

Support for the new .outline file format introduced with OmniOutliner 5 for macOS.

Sorry, app not found.

Protect your texts with Touch iD, new filter and cone options, bug fixes and more!

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O Skype for Mac version 7.50 arrived and gained extensive macOS sharing support, allowing users to share files, videos, photos and more directly from the app.

J o Adobe Illustrator CC won a new image collection tool to manipulate embedded images (users no longer need to create clipping masks to hide the content of the image or switch to Photoshop to crop images).

O Adobe inDesign CChas in turn gained a new user interface that is easier to navigate (tools and panels have redesigned icons, there are now four dark, medium-dark, medium-light and light themes) and ready-made design templates, which can be obtained from Adobe Stock when creating a new document.