Recent updates on the App Store: Tweetbot, WWDC, Google, YouTube and more!

Recent updates on the App Store: Tweetbot, WWDC, Google, YouTube and more!

Below are some of the prominent apps and / or games we've selected that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


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Full screen and split screen support in OS X 10.11 El Capitan, details of tweets now show conversations in the same order as Tweetbot 4 for iOS, allows you to favor tweets by other registered accounts, more options mute, color adjustments in the interface, among others.


Apple Developer app icon

IOS 9 compatibility update, adds support for Picture in Picture (PiP).

Google app icon

New look of voice search test it by saying “Ok Google, where can I find coffee?”, stream updated Google Now, designed to better organize and present content for you.

YouTube app icon

Improved battery usage in the background, easier access to a complete list of subscriptions.

Shazam app icon

Find your favorite artists with Search! On the home screen, tap the search icon to easily find any song or artist in seconds. See which artists are locating music with Shazam and follow them to get all their latest updates on their feed initial. It is also even easier to share your findings. Do a Shazam on a song and tell your friends in one quick touch. and you know what else? Now, Shazam is faster than ever less time doing Shazam and more time to enjoy the music!

Scanner app icon - PDF, Fax, QR

Now ready for iPad Pro.

Vimeo app icon

Uploads are now better, search faster and with more relevant results, among other improvements.

Nike Run Club app icon

Headphone controls are back.

Tumblr app icon

Incredible improvements in sound and video capabilities.

Booking Travel Deals app icon

Now, when you get directions to a place of interest, we’ll automatically let you know how many minutes you are and the exact distance remaining. No more questions from the back seat! We optimize the size of the search bar, making it easier to use and ensuring that your screen is not so full. To help you make the right choice when booking, we have added an easy summary of available accommodations and your options.

Plants vs. app icon Zombies ™ 2

Dinosaurs on the lawn in part 1 of the Swamp Jurssico! Find raptors, stegosaurs and pterodyls in 16 stages that are dino-mite. Convince them to fight the zombies. Who's a cute dino, who?

Sorry, app not found.

The Treasure Hunt continues on another 20 levels filled with gold but the TRUE TREASURE awaits you at the end of the journey. Get all the coins to discover the biggest one!

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Same as the previous one.

Sky Guide app icon

New Apple Watch Summary: Sun Live. During the day the Sky Guide Summary now shows a live image of solar activity (animated for the most recent three days).

Typorama app icon: Text on Photo Editor

Support for new languages ​​and special characters, improved cropping screen, image search with multiple languages, new text styles added, etc.