Tweetbot also loses resources after Twitter tyrant decision [atualizado: no Mac também]

Recent updates on the App Store: Tweetbot, Outlook, Google suite and more!

Below are some of the prominent apps and / or games we've selected that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Sorry, app not found.

Adds support for 1Password in the browser, now shows URLs above sharing sheets, brings better support with the Buffer extension and more.

Microsoft Outlook app icon

Allows you to find contacts with Global Address Lookup (GAL) support for Exchange email services, allows you to undo actions on the fly (such as removing or archiving multiple emails at once), better location of the app, etc.

Google Docs app icon

Adjusting the spacing between lines, bug fixes and improvements.

Google Sheets app icon

Bug fixes and improvements.

Google Slides app icon

Bug fixes and improvements.

Kindle app icon

Today it received a remote update for Brazilians bringing a “new experience” to download books directly through the app, for subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

Sorry, app not found.

Integration with the Workflow app, improvements in stock imports, among others.

Wire • Secure Messenger app icon

New sounds and general audio improvements.

WordPress app icon

Redesigned statistics to increase performance, reduce load times and unify mobile and web experiences, addition of 1Password support on the login page, several troubleshooting.

Mercado Pago app icon

Now, with the new QR code, you can make and receive face-to-face payments in one step.

OLX app icon Ads: Buy and Sell

Button to clear all data on the ad insertion page, fixed minimum and maximum price filters, connection to Facebook, among others.