Recent updates on the App Store: Pixelmator, Twitter, Telegram Messenger, Fantastical 2 more!

Recent updates on the App Store: Pixelmator, Twitter, Telegram Messenger, Fantastical 2 more!

Below are some of the prominent apps and / or games we've selected that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store many of them already prepared / requiring iOS 9.

Today we have:


Pixelmator app icon

Major update with support for iOS 9, multitasking on iPads, 8K resolution, “Open in Place” and “Save to Photos” features, integration with iOS search, among others.

Twitter app icon

Universal link support, ability to access silenced and blocked accounts, support for quick responses in notifications push, etc.

Telegram Messenger app icon

Introducing Channels (a great new way to broadcast your messages, with unlimited audience), quick response from iOS 9 notifications, Hue, Fade and Curve tools for the Photo Editor, bug fixes and improvements.

Periscope app icon

screenshot icon during streams, private streams with mutual friends and more.

Foursquare City Guide app icon

Improvements for iOS 9 including universal search, new in-app movie support, and more.

Foursquare Swarm app icon: Check-in App

Previous places for check-ins later in history, reminders of check-ins and support for iOS 9 with quick responses to notifications.

Sorry, app not found.

Optimized for iOS 9, new font configuration for subtitles, new 30 seconds forward button, design improvements and more!

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

Ready for iOS 9, it counts “From:” standard, option to show / hide calendars, customizable quick answers, etc.

Sorry, app not found.

Compatible with watchOS 2 and Jawbone users can synchronize their Runtastic account with their Jawbone profile, keeping all important statistics together.

PlayKids app icon - Series and Games

We created a special place for you to find our books much easier, we allow you to download videos while browsing other applications on your device, we redesign our trees to make the enchanted forest even more fun, and we fixed a mistake that made several videos play at the same time. time for some users.

App icon 1 Second Everyday: Daily video

New diary for each of your second diaries, support for iOS 9, video sharing, among others.

Plants vs. app icon Zombies ™ 2

Musical chaos continues with the Mane Age Turn, Cut B! Dr. Zumbo raised the confusion to the maximum volume with his destruction speakers. Defeat him now, but watch out for that crushing ballad!

Cine Mobits app icon

Finally adapted for iPhones 6 and now displays the film's old rating and times also on the lists.

Sorry, app not found.

Adds speed dials, offline pages and address field favorites, feature tips, speed improvements and compression rate in Opera Turbo mode, fixes for iOS 9 and more.

Bitpoem app icon - Filters and Effects

IOS 9 support, fixes and improvements.


Fantastical app icon - Calendar & Tasks

Support for OS X El Capitan, ability to scroll to specific days or weeks using the trackpad, reminders now visible everywhere, reminders can be organized into lists, cut / copy / paste support, new preference badge for the icon in the Dock, new options for the icon in the menu bar and more!