Recent updates on the App Store: Adobe Illustrator Draw, Microsoft OneNote, Facebook Groups and more!

Recent updates on the App Store: Logic Pro X and Remote, MainStage 3, Apple Store and more!

Below are some of the prominent apps and / or games we selected that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today, we select:

Mac App Store

Logic Pro X app icon

Pr-fader uploads are no longer affected by VCA faders, again VoiceOver can access audio channels as well as the volume and balance controls of the track header, the Brush Tool is no longer stuck in mode fixed pitch when selected after using the Pencil Tool, it resolves an issue that could cause Download Manager to appear empty, additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

MainStage 3 app icon

Allows the Screen Saver to be disabled when in Perform Mode, fixing an issue where expression pedals could not control the input level of audio channels bars, key commands that enable and disable parameter values ​​work correctly now, error where Download Manager could appear empty, additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Wire • Secure Messenger app icon

Adds images with colorful backgrounds to the conversation list, adds Ping button to the conversation view, bug fixes and various improvements.

App Store

Logic Remote app icon

Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Apple Store app icon

Apple Store

in Apple

Version 5.7 (80.6 MB) Requires iOS 12.0 or higher Not available on the Brazilian App Store!

Various improvements and improvements in performance. Still unavailable in Brazil.

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

Filter restaurant searches by type of cuisine, see updated weather information for cities around the world, add a marker for your starting and destination points on routes and navigation, request the information page to manage your presence on Maps (for business owners), additional location sharing options and bug fixes.

Air Display 3 app icon

Launched as a new binary, it follows the steps of the Duet Display and now works also connected to iGadgets via USB.

Telegram Messenger app icon

Photo editor and password lock (including via Touch ID).

Evernote app icon

The new Shared Notes icon on the Work Chat screen shows a list of all items shared with you, add a profile image and update your name displayed in the Work Chat in Settings, greater stability and reliability of camera and note views, various bug fixes and improvements.

Vimeo app icon

Google Chromecast support and several bug fixes.

Momondo app icon


in Momondo

Version 134.0.0 (142.4 MB) Requires iOS 12.3 or superior

Finally the option of direct flight right on the home page, now you can select your home country, better support for iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, etc.

BADLAND app icon

Update 23 brings DEVANEIO levels to COOP: all 10 DEVANEIO levels available in COOP for up to four players, 30 new missions, 4 new achievements, several improvements and minor bug fixes.

Sonic Dash app icon

New start, even more rings, more character updates and new missions.

Sorry, app not found.

Fleur-de-lis seen! A corrupt French admiral is planning to plunder the wealth of the Far North! Sail to the North Pole, sail through the majestic atmosphere of the ice caves and take on the French navy to end the admiral's plans. Having problems with the French fleet? Call heavy artillery with the new Line Ship or upgrade your boats with an extra space of privilege.

Bad Piggies app icon

New phase sandbox “Little Pig Adventure”, in addition to the new gearbox.

Sorry, app not found.

Free version of the previous one.

Bad Piggies HD app icon

IPad back of the previous one.

Sorry, app not found.

Free iPad version of the previous one.

The Weather Channel app icon: Forecasts

Rain and snow notifications, last-minute news alerts and updates for ski slopes.

QR Reader for iPhone app icon

Now compatible with iPhones 6/6 Plus and iOS 8.

Vesper app icon

Support for iPad, new landscape mode (horizontal) and several improvements.

App Scanner app icon - Scan PDF

Optimized for iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, support for OneDrive and iCloud Drive, works within the photo app (iOS 8 only) and minor bug fixes.

Tiny Scanner Plus app icon

Same as the previous one, only the version pays.