Recent updates on the App Store: Instagram, Google apps, Nike + Run Club, Skype and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Instagram app icon

Now you can see account stories that do not follow in the "Explore" tab.

Tap to watch account stories you might like.

Google app icon

Use 3D Touch to view cards (cards) in your feed (timeline).

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

Orders for food delivery services (limited availability according to country); optimized feature for taking and adding photos of places from Google Maps; place a pin anywhere in the world on the map and easily find the codes of the plus codes system.

Sorry, app not found.

Voice command with Google Assistant, draw on photos, improved notifications and accessibility improvements (improved VoiceOver interactions, including sliding stickers and bookmarks for anonymous chats).

Google Home app icon

The Google Cast app is now called Google Home, with new features (configuration, management and control of Chromecast and Google Home devices, in addition to bug fixes and improved performance).

Nike Run Club app icon

Totally redesigned racing summary screen that makes it easy to view the map and race metrics; revised post-race sharing flow that makes it easy to share on your favorite social networks; introduction of Apple Music support (you can now listen to music from the service, as well as custom Nike + Run Club playlists directly from the app).

For watchOS 3 we have: bold display to quickly see your running metrics; listens to audio readings directly on the watch; smart running invitations, personalized for you; schedule race reminders to keep you motivated; start, pause, resume and end your race with Siri.

In addition, many bug fixes and general improvements.

Microsoft Outlook app icon

Menes feature (now you can easily mention people to get their attention while writing an email; tap the @ sign and start typing their names; once selected, their email addresses will automatically be added to the recipient list, if you still have don't be there).

Shazam app icon

Now Shazam loads faster! Open the app to see the new Home screen.

The blue button is in the same place as always.

Updates and news about the artists have an exclusive guide.

Do you see the camera button? Discover a whole new world by scanning items with your camera, whenever you see the Shazam logo.

Improvements to the widget, displaying your most recent Shazams.

New music player (tap “Play All” to check).

Skype iPhone app icon

With this new update, you can send Skype messages to your Skype contacts using Siri and view your recent Skype messages and favorite contacts on Apple Watch again.

Skype for iPad app icon

Ditto the previous one (without the feature related to Apple Watch), in verse for iPads.

Speedtest app icon - Speed ​​Test

Support for 3D Touch and the IPv6 protocol.

PlayKids app icon - Series and Games

Now it's easier to find the free videos PlayKids has chosen for you! Enjoy the children's month at PlayKids, there are several surprises for children.

Paper by Dropbox app icon

Folder support (you can view your folders in the new tab on the bottom bar; the search has been updated to help you find your folders, too); now you can mark items in "Incoming" as read or unread, and respond to comments directly from there; renewed sharing panel to be faster and easier; bug fixes and improvements.

Duet Display app icon

Use your iPad as a high-performance design tablet; pressure support and tilt sensitivity for the dual iPad Pro + Apple Pencil; re-engineering algorithms for drawing with ultra-sensitive pencils.

Mactracker app icon

Adds iPhones 7/7 Plus, Apple Watches Series 1 and 2, macOS Sierra 10.12, iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and more.

IMDb Cinema & TV app icon

Log in with your Amazon ID, new page "History" (now shows up to 100 items), session schedules can be shared by iMessage and more.

Nespresso app icon

Support for Touch ID and the new model of connected machine, the Expert.

Submarine app icon

Now it's much easier to track your purchases through the app! Get notified whenever your order status changes.

Sorry, app not found.

Watch some NHL games live and general improvements.

Jetpack Joyride app icon

Halloween: Collect flying bonuses and unlock exclusive prizes, including a scary costume and a skin of vehicle! Bone dragon: use quick resuscitation to cheat death and fly in the fiercest of our creations! Grim reaper technique: spread the fear around with this threatening costume.

Sorry, app not found.

Live Photos (users can now have a perfect video clip using these photos); Apple Watch (now, with the integration with Apple Watch you can control the Graava camera remotely); 3D Touch (users can now highlight their special moments using 3D Touch); in-app purchases (you will now have access to special features; interface improvements and bug fixes.

Fly Delta app icon

The Fly Delta app now integrates with the “Today” feature, showing your boarding pass on a single screen (just touch the “Check-in” button to get started); your electronic boarding pass will now update automatically so that your seat, door and flight information is always up to date; the color of the Today screen now reflects your current status in SkyMiles Medallion; there is now a button to track your suitcase by viewing everything on a map; changes to make your ticket buying experience even faster, eliminating the need to re-check every leg of your trip while shopping.

WeChat app icon


in WeChat

Version 7.0.12 (315.3 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Group owners can now check members' invitation before they invite their friends to join the Go Dutch support group in group chats, allowing you to quickly share accounts with your friends.

Wire • Secure Messenger app icon

Messages with timer, which disappear with time; support for Danish and French languages.

LEDit app icon

Two great new sources (Formac C and LEDit Sana Condensed), removal of the watermark on shared videos, basic haptic feedback and bug fixes.

Sorry, app not found.

Bonus content includes the ClashMob, Vault of Tears and SkyCages expansion packs! Full compatibility with iPhone 7, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 screen resolutions, in addition to iOS 10 support.

Crossy Road app icon

Halloween update!

Doodle Jump app icon

Halloween stickers for iMessage!

Doodle Jump app icon - Insanely Good!

Same as the previous one.

Doodle Jump HD app icon

Ditto the previous one, in verse for iPads.

Doodle Jump HD app icon: Insanely Good!

Same as the previous one.


Slack app icon

New look in the sidebar for changing teams and many corrections.

Droplr app icon


in Droplr

Compatible with Macs

Version 5.6.2 (21.4 MB) Requires macOS 10.12 or superior

Droplr now starts at the beginning of the session when this option is enabled, tags now appear in the list popover after they have been saved, the Screencast menu appears in the correct position on several monitors, the save button is now activated when the password is changed and the list popover appears in the correct location.

· · ·

In addition to the above updates, the app Art Text version 3.1 arrived and gained great improvements as a gradient effect with depth for 3D objects. three new types of 3D bevel, shadows inline, 20 new logo templates, expanding the ability to apply masks to 3D objects supporting macOS Sierra and much, much more!

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