Recent updates on the App Store: Inbox by Gmail, Pixelmator, Carousel and more!

Below are some of the prominent apps and / or games we selected that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

App Store

Sorry, app not found.

You suggest as you tap or type to help create reminders more quickly.

Pixelmator app icon

Many improvements, including ease of rotating objects, new sliders for opacity and brush size, and more!

Sorry, app not found.

Free up space on your iPhone (Carousel can now remove the photos / videos from your Camera Roll that are already stored in the app), new “Flashback” feature to help you relive your memories, photo albums and new “Wheel of time” ”.

Sorry, app not found.

With the new “^” menu you can delete, save or send your message for another conversation, resend invitation to friends, optimization for the new iPhones and a special holiday surprise!

IMDb Cinema & TV app icon

Many new videos, possibility to refine photo and video information, and more.

Google Authenticator app icon

Minor update to the user interface, compatible with iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Microsoft PowerPoint app icon

View and edit your presentations in landscape mode.

Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp Search app icon

New themes, extensions (GIF, numeric keyboards, among others), etc.

Sorry, app not found.

Now you can discover and view new rooms.

Yahoo Weather app icon

Updated design for the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus, in addition to adding animated effects for lightning and frost.

Airbnb app icon

PayPal support.

Google Street View app icon

Your library is now organized into two tabs (private and public), improved image quality and the possibility to expand / contract the maps.

BADLAND app icon

New package called “DEVANEIO” with 10 levels, 30 missions and 5 achievements.

Doodle Jump app icon

12 gifts one per day, starting on December 25th!

Doodle Jump HD app icon

Same as above, only for iPads.

NOOK app icon


in Barnes & Noble

Version 5.2.2 (164.2 MB) Requires iOS 9.0 or higher Not available on the Brazilian App Store!

Many improvements, including support for iOS 8 and the new iPads / iPhones.

Mac App Store

Pixelmator app icon

Support for the traditional pin gesture to zoom, resize and scroll for object palettes, gradients and styles, in addition to bug fixes and general improvements.

Sorry, app not found.

Support for multiple accounts, three new layout styles, shortcuts and gestures for browsing, photo tags, notifications when there are interactions with your photos and much, much more!

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