Recent updates on the App Store: Google's productivity suite, Netflix, 1Password and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Google Docs app icon

Support for multitasking in split screen on iPads with iOS 9, inserting images, inserting page breaks, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Sheets app icon

Support for multitasking in split screen on iPads with iOS 9, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Slides app icon

Same as the previous one.

Netflix app icon

Controls to help you manage data consumption on cellular networks, several bug fixes.

1Password - Password Manager app icon

Ability to copy 1Password Documents between accounts, Wi-Fi Server renamed to WLAN Server and bug fixes.

IFood app icon - Order food and market

Our restaurant search has been completely redesigned! Now you can easily search for your favorite restaurant, dish or cuisine.

Sorry, app not found.

Follow updates to the Trello and GitHub project more easily with the grouped project emails, view the Google Alerts you have subscribed to and click to access the articles you want to read faster, integrate with Google Drive and delete with just one Touch.

Polymail app icon

It is now possible to respond to Google Calendar invitations directly via messages, event confirmation emails, faster synchronization of messages with long chains, among others.

Sorry, app not found.

Added support for the SanDisk iXpand drive, enhancements to IPv6 only networks, better streaming via WebDAV, improvements in video playback, enhanced audio synchronization with Bluetooth headsets and much more.

Sorry, app not found.

Same as the previous one.

Flow Speed ​​Control Pro app icon

3D Touch support implemented throughout the app, with pressure on certain functions, Peek & Pop in projects and videos, among others.

Google Analytics app icon

Support for metrics and custom dimensions, segments created on the web can now be applied to the app, support for all languages ​​that iOS targets, etc.