Recent updates on the App Store: Google, Google Assistant, Pocket, Slack, VLC for Mobile and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

IOS Apps

Google app icon

Multilingual voice search. You can now search by voice in several languages. In the settings, tap “Voice Search” and then “Language” to add other languages. When you touch the microphone or use “Ok Google” to start a voice search, ask your question in any selected language so that Google will automatically answer in the correct language.

Google Assistant app icon

Google Assistant is now available on the iPad!

Pocket app icon

Pocket now shows time estimates for your saved articles and videos! When viewing your list, you will see an estimate of how long it takes to read or watch (just below the title).

Slack app icon

When you share something on Slack, it uses the last channel that you shared a file as the default destination; sending messages in poor connection conditions is now a little more reliable.

VLC for Mobile app icon

Touch the play after VLC comes back from the background it now works; when opening a TXT file, the VLC will no longer be open (the format still supported in subtitles); instead of a black screen, when opening certain HEVC files, we now have a playback video; fixed an issue in which it was required to enter a password even without having configured one; many other bugfixes.

Overcast app icon

New option to automatically delete episodes 24 hours after completion; password-protected podcasts are now supported (on the “Add URL” screen); new smart feedback feature (returns a few seconds before being paused to help remind you of the conversation); fixed errors related to audio, playback stopped, failed downloads and playback controls that disappeared; extremely large playlists now show only the 500 most / least recent episodes to improve application performance; rotation support is now only available on iPad.

WordPress app icon

A new extension of sharing that adds support for saving drafts and controls tags; you can now search and install plugins.

Wire • Secure Messenger app icon

It is now possible to create conversations in which participants cannot accidentally add guests.

Mactracker app icon

HomePod support; updating Apple's list of classic and obsolete products; other small changes and additions.

IFTTT app icon



Version 4.8.0 (79.4 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Added a new field for iOS Reminders to “Add reminder list” (you can now set a reminder alarm date); the banner that said “Upload photos” when applets iOS photos sync has been removed; VoiceOver now pronounces the name IFTTT correctly; if you call one applet, receive recommendations from others related; new services include Noon Home, Cortana, coqon, key, Powered by Viva, Nexx Garage, ELA Smart Lighting, Everynet, and GraspIO.

MEGA app icon

Allow to switch to landscape mode during a call; shows the local video in full screen when there is no remote video; a button is added to activate / deactivate the speaker (by default, audio calls deactivate the speaker and video calls enable the speaker); Sometimes the application blocks the opening of a multimedia file; bug fixed when touching “Send message” in the detailed view of contacts; other minor improvements in calls.

App icon Ingresso + Filmes + Cinemas

Enabling a new login option by CPF.

Banco Inter - digital banking app icon

Now you have the possibility to insure your phone or tablet to protect your device directly through the app.

Paper by Dropbox app icon

Added a task tab that scans the items to do in all of your documents and allows you to classify them as completed in one place; the "Documents" and "Folders" tabs have been replaced by the "Search" tab, which shows your documents and folders in one place.

RoomScan Pro app icon

Completely redesigned augmented reality user interface for an easier and simpler room scan; Fixed incompatibility with inches and smart score on iOS 11.

SwiftKey Keyboard app icon

New toolbar, a new quick and easy way to access your favorite SwiftKey features (tap the left “+” in the preview bar and try it out); express yourself and animate your messages by choosing from 1,000 GIFs, all on SwiftKey; find the perfect emoji or GIF in an instant.

GIF Keyboard app icon

Add tags to whatever content you see on the GIF keyboard (the content with the tags appear first in search results); view your most popular uploads and shares from your Tenor account.

MacOS apps

Slack app icon

New font for the Japanese language (clearer and readable); when Slack takes a long time to start, you will now see a link with some useful troubleshooting ideas; when a file is being made, a new notification will notify you; if you asked Slack to start right when your computer turns on, now it does it more discreetly (with less than the loading screen).

Paste - Clipboard Manager app icon

This update allows you to synchronize the history and frames of the clipboard with Paste for iOS (and vice versa).

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