Recent updates on the App Store: Google apps, Real Racing 3, PDF Expert and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Google Chrome app icon

Added support for more keyboard shortcuts: now you can do more with your Bluetooth keyboard, like opening, closing and switching between tabs or doing a voice search. 3D Touch support on iPhone 6s or higher: Touch the Google Chrome icon with out to quickly open a new tab, new tab, or to do a voice search.

Hangouts app icon

Respond directly to notifications, group names in notifications, contact names included in Google Voice notifications and bug fixes in accessibility features.

Google Docs app icon

See suggestions and comments on the print layout, line spacing and strikethrough in Office Compatibility Mode, control the direction of paragraphs for languages ​​from right to left, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Play Books app icon

Width adjustment option for horizontal full-screen viewing great for reading comics, see footnotes without leaving the page, download multiple books at the same time faster, compatible with iOS 9.

Real Racing 3 app icon

Feel the power and speed of the world's rarest and most prestigious hypercars.

Only few people in the world have these exotic machines.

Get those cars at Real Racing 3 this holiday season!

Hipstamatic Classic app icon

New “Classic Lock” to take only Hipstamatic photos, easy export to the photo library, support for the recent photo album, optimizations in photo editing, various bug fixes, etc.

Sorry, app not found.

New paid feature for advanced video stabilization, shortcuts via 3D Touch, easy switching between automatic and manual focus, among others.

Sorry, app not found.

The end of the year has come again! Receive the party in the furious way of the birds, with a new Christmas episode full of incredible levels.

Every day receive a gift from the Angry Birds and count the days until Christmas!

Sorry, app not found.

Same as the previous one.

Draw Something app icon

Christmas themed update.

Draw Something Classic app icon

Same as the previous one.

App icon Move! The Mimes Game

New words and interface improvements! Now Move! has different names for its English and Spanish versions.


PDF Expert - Edit and Sign PDF app icon

Now the app remembers the page you stopped in a certain document, it is now possible to rotate pages without going into Pages mode, possibility to send flat PDFs by email, new keyboard shortcuts and more!

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