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Recent updates on the App Store: Clips, WhatsApp Messenger, Dropbox, Telegram and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store.

Today we have:

IOS Apps

Clips app icon


in Apple

Compatible with iPadsCompatible with iPhones

Version 2.1 (180.2 MB) Requires iOS 13.0 or superior

Football graphics, including an animated sticker, in addition to a sticker and a poster with customizable text.

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

Now you can request a report of your WhatsApp account information and settings. To do this, go to Account Settings Request Account Data.

Dropbox app icon


in Dropbox

Version 174.2 (281.3 MB) Requires iOS 11.1 or superior

When users view a file on Dropbox, with just one touch you can view a list of events including edits, shares and, for users of Dropbox Professional and Business Advanced, the viewer's history. The simplified file viewing design allows users to easily comment next to their content. At the bottom of any file view, users can access the feedback from teammates, adding their own comments and getting updates on the activities of the files.

App icon Ingresso + Filmes + Cinemas

Now you can buy without registration using only your email and CPF; corrections and improvements.

Readdle Documents app icon

The media player now has a new interface for you to enjoy your music even more; you can now play entire music folders with just one touch; your deleted files will stay for 30 days in this folder, restore or permanently delete when you want; scroll ePUB books however you want up, down, right or left!

PDF Expert 7 app icon: edit PDF

Your deleted files will be saved for 30 days, restore or permanently delete when you want; keep your PDFs safe by saving a copy to a cloud service.

Evernote app icon

If your Bluetooth headset also has a microphone, be happy to know that you can now use them to record audio on Evernote; the resource back Context for users premium and business; adjusting the note list display so you always know where you are (and when); now, the month and year remain fixed at the top while you scroll through your notes (or, if you use the scroll bar, a box appears automagically so that you can jump from month to month); cleaning in the sharing menu to make it easier to share your notes and generate links for others to see as well.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch app icon

Scale your screen up to 8192 × 8192 pixels, download projects to free up more space (you can download the projects again on Creative Cloud on demand at any time) and learn how to start using the app through tutorials.

Procreate Pocket app icon

Completely new interface, Silica M mechanism (same as for iPads), complete brush library, import and export of brush sets, complete layer system, QuickLine (make a stroke, hold for a moment to see it transform in a straight line and adjust the end points to position with extreme precision), perspective guide, new filters and adjustments, customizable screens, more sharing options, compatibility with Bluetooth pens, export in time-lapse and more!

Notability app icon

Handwriting recognition, converting handwriting to text, viewing notes side by side (Multi-Note), quick change between notes without the need to return to Library and an updated Help Center.

Castro Podcast Player app icon

Rebuilding the app's engine, the player has a new, cleaner and simpler layout; star the current episode being played by double tapping his art; easily access AirPlay controls on the player; use the Apple Watch app to control playback and choose new episodes from the queue to play and more!

WordPress app icon

When importing files for a post in the editor, it is now possible to select several file types, including PDFs and Word documents.

Itaucard app icon - Credit card

Support for iPhone X.

Credicard app icon - credit card

In addition to corrections and improvements, new functionality that was designed to make the experience with your card even better (all the information on your card in one place); unlocking the 1-way card; suitability for iPhone X.

Vade Mecum de Direito app icon

In addition to the most recent legislative additions and updates, which continue to be consolidated through the exclusive system of intelligent updates, this version of the Vade Mecum de Direito brings the following news: presentation of the reading panel (iPhone); tab system behavior (iPad); possibility to print and export complete standards to PDF using the integral standard reader.

MacOS app

Telegram app icon

Improved configuration design; redrawing the recording of audio / video messages (use the shortcut R to quickly record a message); added support for streaming of audio; added network usage for configurations; added support for multiple proxies.