Recent updates on the App Store: Apple Store, Shazam, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Telegram, Pixelmator Pro and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

IOS Apps

Apple Store app icon

Discover a more personal and interesting experience in the store (receive product recommendations and sessions, see the "Favorites" in stock and scan accessories to check compatibility and learn more about the products); in the "Activities" tab, find daily sessions on photography, music and more to stimulate your creativity (you can also choose a session according to the products you already have); manage your orders in many ways (see invoices, edit delivery details and recording messages or cancel an item from your order); check out the savings you make by buying refurbished products; discover what's new in design and what's improved in the app.

Shazam app icon

Do you love Apple Music or Spotify? Go to “Settings” to make the connection and, as with a magic pass, your Shazams will be added to a playlist you can even hear yours Shazams in full!

Shazam Encore app icon

Same as the previous one, in paid version.

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

See the average waiting time of more than 1 million restaurants worldwide; search and consult the reviews of a place.

Google Assistant app icon

Google Assistant is now available in Hindi and Indonesian.

Telegram Messenger app icon

Discover new stickers (type an emoji to see suggestions for stickers popular suggestions from your stickers installed will appear first); search for stickers (slide up on the control panel sticker and use the new search field to quickly browse your packages sticker or discover new ones); multiple sending (take and send multiple photos one after another); Automatic Night Mode (change automatically to the night version of the interface after dark or in low light conditions); widget Telegram login (login to other websites and services using your Telegram account); you can also format media in subtitles, report individual messages on public entities and take advantage of optimized battery usage.

Viber Messenger app icon

Mention other users in group chats so they don't miss your message, type @ and select them from the list of participants.

Kindle app icon

The split view has arrived on the iPad (resize the application to perform multiple tasks when reading, without having to switch the context); try to scroll through your book, just like on a web page (enable continuous scrolling in “Settings” and then enable and disable from your book's “Aa” menu); pull down on the library to update your book list; Kindle dictionaries for Arabic.

TV Time app icon: Follow Series & Movie

"More marathon" (see which series are being followed more at the moment); fixed a bug that caused things from TV Time that you shared to not appear on WhatsApp or your draft tweet; several other bug fixes!

Vimeo app icon

Now, when you double tap on a video, activate the full screen function on iPhone X.

Linea Sketch app icon

Linea Sketch 2 now allows you to move and transform selections, import images for reference, draw straight lines, use new models in portrait or landscape mode, drag and drop in split screen and much more to help bring your ideas and creations to life!

Trello app icon

O power-up "Custom Fields" is now available for mobile devices (organize information in a whole new way with custom fields on your cards for dates, text and numeric values, drop-down lists and checkboxes); see the new delivery date selector with buttons for "Today", "+ Week" and "+ Ms" for faster navigation between dates; the links to Trello cards and charts in the descriptions, actions and notifications now show their names and a Trello icon, instead of just a URL; now it is possible to touch the links of checklists and comments; multiselective support when adding attachments means that you can now attach more documents at once; the drag and drop support added to iOS 11 means that you can now drag attachments on cards from other applications on the iPad; major improvements in scrolling performance on the back of the card; more repairs for the iPhone X; support for the “Smart Color Inverse” feature of iOS 11. A download of this version, however, is the absence of the Apple Watch app, which has been removed.

Nubank app icon

Possibility to delete a contact or just the data of a specific account of that contact; improvements in the interaction of the device's camera with the app; bug fixing and improvements to NuConta processes.

PicPay app icon - Payments and Recharges

Now it is possible to pay slips with PicPay! Just tap "Pay", open the "Store" tab and access the "Pay Account" option. You can use your balance or pay with a credit card.

Banco Inter - digital banking app icon

Improvements in account opening registration.

PlayKids app icon - Series and Games

Now it is also possible to watch the videos online without having to download them; new play mode (streaming); “What comes next” (new way to find out about new PlayKids releases); bug fixes.

Sleep ++ app icon

Version 3.0, now with automatic sleep monitoring (now all you need to do is use your Apple Watch while you sleep and Sleep ++ does the rest). The goal is to provide each Apple Watch owner with a free automatic sleep tracker that is simple and clear to understand. For each night you are given a direct account of how long you slept and how rested you were during the night. In addition, you can now set a bedtime reminder to help create a more consistent sleep schedule, receive a notification with a summary of your previous night's sleep each morning (automatic mode) and set a sleep goal. night sleep (Sleep ++ helps show you how you are achieving this consistently).

Copied app icon

New black theme for iPhone X and various interface settings; the crop view now displays plain text by default; select “View rich text”In the options to switch between formatted text and plain text; restored and improved keyboard shortcuts on iPad; and much more!

KAYAK Travel Finder app icon

O "Trips" now shows detailed statistics of your travels; O widget favorites now gives you access to all the flights, hotels and rental cars you accompany; use the “Search this area” function on the map when you leave the original search area; It is now easier to notice typos in your payment data when you book with KAYAK.

Rainbrow app icon

New faces collect stars and complete misses to unlock new faces.

WaterMinder app icon

WaterMinder is now optimized for VoiceOver in all languages ​​supported on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch (including complications)! The badge icon functionality to show current hydration has been removed due to App Store policy.

MacOS apps

Pixelmator Pro app icon

Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

CloudMounter app icon: cloud encryption

Creating a bookmark in the Favorites tab of the Finder sidebar; ability to choose a folder for cache in a different unit; general improvements and bug fixes.


cone - Apple Music for Android

O Apple Music for Android has also been updated. According to Apple, an issue has been fixed that occasionally caused Apple Music to close unexpectedly when opening the library. Adjustments have also been made to make music playback more reliable on a larger number of devices.

via 9to5Mac

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