Recent updates on the App Store: Apple Store, Chrome, Snapchat, Viber and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Apple Store app icon

Several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Chrome app icon

If you find an interesting article that you want to read later, touch the share icon, then "Read later" to add the page to your Reading List. The articles contained in that list are saved on your device so that you can read them anywhere, even if you are not connected to the web.

Snapchat app icon

Put your best friends on widget Snapchat (Notification Center) and tap on them to open a chat!

Viber Messenger app icon

Secret chats (useful for all your confidential conversations; in secret chats, you can set a time limit for all messages to disappear after a few seconds, block screenshots and ensure that no messages are forwarded all with the protection of Viber's end-to-end encryption); stickers and doodles in photos.

Microsoft Outlook app icon

Shared calendars are now available in Outlook. Touch the settings wheel next to the calendar name to see who you are sharing with, in addition to seeing the standard permissions that other people have in the organization; share your calendar with others, edit permissions or remove them without using your computer. All of this is available to Outlook users, distributed to Office 365 users.

Duet Display app icon

More gestures.

Foursquare City Guide app icon

Simplest way for you to add new places. If you've searched and can't find what you're looking for, help others by adding the location.

Pinterest app icon

Pinterest Lens BETA! Now you can discover ideas inspired by anything you aim at your camera.

WordPress app icon

Users can now change the settings on an individual post, in addition to the site sharing settings; the notification feature is finally on the iPad; some minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Banco do Brasil app icon

We are working to improve our app even more. In this version we provide some corrections and improvements in the BB Code features and talk to your manager.

PayPal app icon

Forgot your password? The app now has improvements so that you can easily access PayPal again.

Cortana app icon

New look, with an improved user experience; redesigned calls, text messages and reminders; more immersive full-page responses; in addition to faster page transitions and better application response.

Sorry, app not found.

Add your own flight and hotel reservations, bus and train reservations are added automatically from Gmail and use the settings to hide your old trips.

PlayKids app icon - Series and Games

Birthday vacant (a birthday vacant filled with fun and educational drawings); new drawings in the Coloring Book; share your child's painting on Facebook (the painting with the most likes on Facebook will be the PlayKids app icon for 7 days); reformulation of the puzzle to adapt to all ages and be completely customizable; it is now possible to save the puzzle to finish assembling it later; in-app area to keep parents informed about PlayKids tips and news; and general improvements.

Easy app icon, a Cabify app

Now you see the cars closest to you before calling!

VSCO app icon: Photo and Video Editor

Create and share animated images on loop to your VSCO profile using DSCO, now within VSCO; find images in your “Studio” more effectively with the enhanced filtering options; gesture pinch to zoom in any image; and more!

ProCam 7 app icon

New cone.

Rise Alarm Clock app icon

Added a preference to hide the launch screen.

Wire • Secure Messenger app icon

Confirmation screen before a call with a verified contact when they are using a new device; press and enlarge images in the conversion view and in the view of a single image; visual indication within a chat if there are new messages in other conversations.

TV Time app icon: Follow Series & Movie

The pages of shows and episodes have become a little obsolete, so everything has been simplified so that it is easier to react to your favorite series; a new icon was added to show where to watch each series; and more!

AmpMe - Speaker Booster app icon

Now you have a new way to search for music and also browse parties on AmpMe.

Plants vs. app icon Zombies ™ 2

The most recent update features two events: Zumbi O’Sortudo (from 3/13 to 3/23) and Primavera (from 4/4 to 4/18). Get ready for: exciting new levels with extra-hungry zombies; more ways to earn piatas and grow your plants; Psicouve, the new and mesmerizing premium plant; zombies dressed in all kinds of weird clothes; and additional peak misses for fabulous rewards.

Jetpack Joyride app icon

St. Patrick's Day event with new package.

Superplayer Music app icon

In this update you can subscribe to one of the plans with a 30-day free trial.

Sorry, app not found.

Consultation of medicines by laboratories, in addition to bug fixes and various improvements.

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