Recent updates on the App Store: Apple Events, iMovie, Telegram, Dropbox, MainStage and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

IOS Apps

Apple Events app icon

Updated texts and graphics for the newest keynote.

IMovie app icon


in Apple

Compatible with iPadsCompatible with iPhones

Version 2.2.8 (617.3 MB) Requires iOS 13.0 or superior

Compatibility improvements when sharing on YouTube.

Telegram Messenger app icon

Groups with unread messages and responses for you will be marked with an ‘@’ in the conversation list; browse new messages and answers in a group using the new ‘@’ button; mark your stickers favorites with a “star” for quick access through the redesigned dashboard stickers; edit photos and add captions when copying / pasting images; switch between “This Conversation” and “All Conversations” when using search for hashtags; check the signal strength on a Telegram connection with the new indicator; watch the streams Twitch with the player in the app (including PiP mode); add a package sticker official for your group where all members can use it even without adding, while chatting in your group (only in groups with 100+ members); open web pages in Safari using the new button on the Quick Read interface.

Dropbox app icon


in Dropbox

Version 178.2 (266.6 MB) Requires iOS 11.1 or superior

When you start the application, you will now be able to see more than just recent files. The new home screen also displays pending shipments, notifications, items marked as favorites and Dropbox Paper documents; mark any file or folder as a favorite and it will be displayed on your home screen; don't you want recent items to be displayed on your home screen? You can now hide this section in your settings; it is now possible to preview Sketch files in Dropbox; several bug fixes.

Spark app icon - Readdle Email App

Improvement of the process of sending emails when Spark is in the background; fixed an issue when the postponed email returned to Inbox ahead of time; improvements in Touch ID stability.

IFTTT app icon



Version 4.8.0 (79.4 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Error correction, including some that caused errors when setting up a Applet; added more specific error messages to help you troubleshoot problems; now it's even easier to configure Applets from Gmail (you can now choose the email addresses of contacts on your device).

Package Addiction app icon

More information about the order when opening it (map of the last location and descriptions); for new orders, a working days counter since the order was added to the app; offline operation (even without a connection you will be able to see the list of orders and movements as long as you have seen before with connection); from now on the movement history will be available even after the order leaves the post office system; a new audible ringtone for you to better distinguish when the notification came from PackageVcio and not from another app; when opening an order through the widget now you go straight to it; corrected the export via WhatsApp that had become messy; some new visual details.

Sorry, app not found.

New look.

Google Chrome app icon

Addition of a new button for reading QR codes above the virtual keyboard.

Google Photos app icon

Create edit albums when offline; remove photos from a shared library.

Google News app icon

Advanced notifications with more useful and beautiful images, improvements in the "Help" experience, bug fixes and improved performance.

Sorry, app not found.

Now available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.

Shazam app icon

Swipe right to find your daily dose of new music! You will find a mix with new music, videos and playlists and shows. Everything is personalized for you and updated every day. Have you ever located with Shazam in the car or connected to a Bluetooth speaker? Now the music continues to play over Bluetooth while you locate with Shazam. No interruptions!

VLC for Mobile app icon

New network login view; hardware decoding of H.264 / HEVC; added Bonjour discovery for SMB shares; improved method of discovery by the search bar; improved sleep timer; edit with "Select all"; double tap to browse videos; random functionality.

Viber Messenger app icon

Group administrators can now pin important messages to the top of group chats; search improvements in chat extensions make it even easier to find videos, music, GIFs and other web services; performance improvements and bug fixes to give you the best Viber experience.

ICQ app icon - Messaging and Video Chat

Now you can create stickers (add the sticker bot via the URL icq/714347882, create months and share with your friends).

Polymail app icon

Substantial improvements in performance for receiving messages and full synchronization, many improvements in speed for opening chained messages, in addition to better memory management and CPU usage.

GIF Keyboard app icon

Now with GIFs in HD resolution!

Expedia app icon: hotels, flights and cars

It is now possible to book tickets in the executive and first class categories.

KAYAK Travel Finder app icon

Are you going to attend a show and want to stay in the region? Search for hotels using a specific address to find the nearest options. Want a hotel by the sea? Close to the best shops? Away from the noise of the night bars? Hotel maps have been redesigned so you can easily choose the ideal area to stay. Improvements and bug fixes to make things even faster.

Lufthansa app icon

Image of the place of destination, proof of luggage and digital maps.

App icon 99 - Private Car and Taxi

It is now easier to consult the service team through the app; in addition, some bugs have been resolved.

Take me app icon: Urban mobility

Single ticket recharge, traffic around, weather on the app home, improvements to the route with color identification for each mode to be covered, general performance improvements and bug fixes.

Real Racing 3 app icon

Two intense competitions arrive at Real Racing 3! First, the McLaren 720S gets ready at the starting line. Get ready to test the limits of the possible in the supercar category. Then, the return of the Bathurst 1000 the peak of V8 supercar racing in Australia! In this update full of new features, you can also: face the supercar series with the new Ford Falcon FG X and Holden Commodore VF, in addition to the McLaren P1 GTR, in three limited time series; winning cars and a lot of gold on the back of three events: Exclusive Reveal, Projeto Impulso and Front Runner; totally improve the Mazda Furai to unlock the new exclusive series and earn gold and fame. You can also complete the Community Challenge together with other players to earn rewards.

Sorry, app not found.

The app is now written in Swift; graphics that support Retina displays; support for iOS 9.3 or higher; Updated physics; updated sounds and music; support for iCloud synchronization; support for Game Center leaderboards and achievements; 3D Touch support.

Temple Run 2 app icon

Map of Fall Jungle for a limited time; collect autumn coins for a limited time; compete in global challenges Fall Jungle.

Scorekeeper XL app icon

Support for 64-bit devices and iOS 11.

MacOS apps

MainStage 3 app icon

Corrects an issue that caused MainStage to terminate unexpectedly after editing the background colors or using the grouping command in Layout Mode; the fade time in the Loopback plugin has been extended to 60 seconds; addresses a problem that could cause the preferences window to be inaccessible.

Sorry, app not found.

Substantial improvements in performance for receiving messages and full synchronization, many improvements in speed for opening chained messages, in addition to better memory management and CPU usage.

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