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Realtime subtitles on Google Slides

Google has just added a very interesting function to its presentation creation software. How about transcribing subtitles using your voice?


Known as Closed Caption, the feature makes it possible through the computer's microphone to detect and transcribe voice. Something similar in Google Docs. With these automatic subtitles, new users can get more out of the tool. The accessibility of the feature can help the development of presentations by people with some kind of hearing impairment or deafness, or who have writing difficulties.

At the moment the Closed Captions They are only available in English, however, as we already know it is a matter of time for Google to add Portuguese support. The company even promises that new languages ​​will be added. Feature activation as shown in the video above. Click on the cone CC in the Google Slides navigation bar, and start dictating. The program will automatically create subtitles. Remembering that the feature is not available in our language.

What did you think of this option? Do you use it when you have the Portuguese language? Join our Diolinux Plus forum and stay on top of news.

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