Ready for another "-gate"? Because some iPhones 7 Plus are snapping when a certain force is applied to them

It seems that nowadays we can not be more than a few months without some "-Gate" related to the iPhone or some other Apple product flying over our heads blamed by the sensational vulture press or a supposed drop in quality on Apple's production line? Let us reflect.

The fact that one more of these cases is popping up is: some owners of iPhones 7 Plus are reporting that their devices produce Crackles when held in a certain way or pressed into a specific area, which has already spread across the internet called the #crackgate.

The problem began to be discussed in a forum of the MacRumors and soon some users around the world were able to reproduce the crackles on their iPhones. After, YouTubers they have now demonstrated the failure of the video we gathered here three of them and the issue has gained publicity.

At first the #crackgate It does not seem to be serious and only affects those who bother with out of place little things you see, I am not saying that a possible construction failure is something acceptable for a $ 4,000 smartphone, only that, at first, the crackles do not represent It is a danger to the integrity of the iPhone and its screen, and the device continues to function normally even after detection. Some users, however, have expressed concern that the problem will progressively affect the water resistance of the iPhone 7 Plus, something that would only really be verified after a few months (or even years) after its manifestation.

Do you think something to worry about? And you, iPhone 7 Plus owner, can reproduce the problem on your device? Let's continue the investigation in the comments below.

(tip from @eltonfabricio It's from @HPercino)