reader teaches you how to change the broken screen of an iPad 2

Advanced tutorial: reader teaches you how to change the broken screen of an iPad 2

Every time iFixit disassembles a iProduct, we see how complex it is inside. Even so, the vast majority of devices get a very low repairability score, such as the iPad 2, rated 2/10.

But that did not scare the reader Brivaldo Junior. His motivation was very simple: his little brother managed to destroy the iPad screen and, after a mixture of anger, despair, sadness and many other bad feelings, the rational / computational side emerged.

The iPad in question is a second generation 16GB Wi-Fi model. As the warranty does not cover this type of problem (characterized as misuse), the repair was R $ 900 – a brand new one costs R $ 1,300 today. Looking for other alternatives, Brivaldo found a store in Campo Grande (MS) that did the service for R $ 500. Still, he decided to take a chance.

The first thing he did was buy the display, the tools, a tape and a Super Bonder glue – the canvas and the tools he bought at MercadoLivre. Below, the total cost:

  • IPad 2 screen: R $ 145.
  • Tools: R $ 49.
  • Tape (to “fix” the screen): R $ 5.
  • Super Bonder: R $ 7.
  • Total: R $ 206.

After the purchase, the second step is to stick your iPad screen tightly with adhesive tape to prevent splinters from damaging the LCD that has not broken.

broken reader iPad

broken reader iPad

From this point on, there is little care! Below, an image with all the necessary material for the exchange:

broken reader iPad

Without further ado, the video with instructions for the procedure:

Brivaldo warns that it was not always possible to record everything, such as the part in which we have to “re-glue” the strips of the canvas. If his video is not enough, check out three others that he used as a reference: 1, 2, 3.

It is worth noting that, in addition to being dangerous, the exchange is far from simple – it took almost four hours to complete the procedure. It is definitely not anyone who has the courage and the minimum understanding necessary to deal with this. In addition, follow the information at your own risk. ?