Conceito de "iPhone 8" criado por Thadeu Brandão

Reader creates “iPhone 8” concept with integrated Touch ID and end-to-end display

We already published here on the website a beautiful concept of iTunes created by the reader Thadeu Brando. Because he is back, now with a proposal for the "IPhone 8".

In his view, which is now specializing in 3D modeling, the next generation of the Apple smartphone will follow the look of the iPhone 7, but with some important differentials such as a start button (Home) integrated screen and a display that occupies practically the entire front of the device.

Thadeu also showed a feature desired by many in iOS, but that Apple simply chose to follow a different path: grouping notifications from the same app (in the Notification Center).

At least visually speaking, we are facing a concept very similar even with the current generation with elements of the iPhone 4. Would these two changes be enough to make the “iPhone 8” a device widely desired by consumers? Leave your opinion in the comments! 😉