Read the covers of Brazilian newspapers right on your iPhone or iPod touch

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Are you one of those who loves to quickly see the summary of the main news of the day before going to work or while waiting for the bus? Now you can have the covers of newspapers from all over the world in the palm of your hand: FrontPages.

FrontPages is an app from the App Store that gives iPhone and iPod touch the ability to read the front page of hundreds of newspapers around the world. Among them, no less than 35 Brazilian journals from the most diverse regions of the country are available.

After finding your favorite newspaper in “Search”, you can add it to your favorites and have it on the screen whenever you open the application. You can read all the headlines and subheadings, but if you want to read the fine print as well, you can choose to open a PDF version in Safari. The program’s developers say they did this to ensure a good speed / quality ratio of the application.

While reading, you still have the option to go to the newspaper’s web page or read the latest available feeds, just by tapping a button. Very practical.

The application is for sale on App Store (on this link) for the price of $ 0.99 (a little more than 2 reais), which seems very reasonable for the service provided. It is compatible with 2.1 firmware on any iPhone or iPod touch.

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