Razer would be working on control similar to the Nintendo Switch [Rumor]

THE Razer could be working on new controls (or even its own portable console) with a model very similar to Nintendo's darling, the Nintendo Switch. The speculation comes from the discovery of a new Razer patent that boils down to a mobile gaming device design, in short, controls. Recently, Razer launched the Raiju Mobile, your control for Android and PC that promises to experience a portable console when used with smartphone.

Who published the patent for Singapore's Razer (Asia-Pacific), registering the product as a "mobile game controller and method of operating a game controller" on March 5, 2019. The patent was filed in America and was published on August 1, 2019 in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database.

ANLISE: Razer Raiju Mobile

The new patent was discovered by the site LetsGoDigital, and has a project idea a bit similar to Razer's recent release, Raiju Mobile, and the well-known Razer Edge Gamepad Controller for tablets. However, the purpose of the patented device is a remote control that magnetically connects to the tablet. In this case, both controls (right and left) have separate batteries, support Bluetooth and can be connected via USB HID to the mobile device, such as a tablet. The transport protocol used for this is the HID.

As the Razer Edge Pro Controller was announced at CES 2013, Razer is expected to once again introduce the new control during CES, now in 2020. If they are a real product, we still don't know if Razer controls will be sold separately or with some tablet in an all-in package. As for prices, controls should reach above the "normal" market price, since Razer is known for slightly more expensive products.

Check out our Razer Edge Mobile Controller hands-on below at CES 2013!

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