Razer lana webcam and microphone streamer kit

Razer has launched two new products aimed at streamers: The Razer Seiren X, portable microphone and the Razer Kiyo, a webcam with selfie light. These products are the latest from Razer and the most popular appeal.

The webcam, The Razer Kiyo comes with a twelve light adjustment ring LEDs white and can be adjusted to twelve brightness levels. It has four megapixels and can record on 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. It is compatible with streaming programs like XSplit and Open Broadcaster. The USB connection cable is five feet long. Your launch price is $ 99.99.

The microphone Razer Seiren X, also with USB connection, has a removable stand and the ability to do zero latency monitoring to remove audio recording delay. Its price is also $ 99.99.

These two products convey the idea of ​​a streamer kit, as in the video below: