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Razer Announces Customizable RGB LED Strips for PCs

For those who don't know, Razer already has a customizable RGB LED line, Razer Chroma, with the possibility to synchronize mouse, keyboard and even mousepad in different colors. Now, the company announced a complement to the kit, LED strips to increase the degree of personalization of lights on the PC.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma arrives in Brazil in June

With the strips you can choose more precisely which part of the computer will be illuminated. LED fans on PCs have the freedom to choose where to position them; inside the case, circle the mousepad or even around the table. Check out the video that demonstrates the complete Razer Chroma kit:

Several companies have already launched their customizable RGB LED lines, such as MSI, Mystic light, Asus Aura Sync, and others. The Razer also has a LED line that syncs with games like Overwatch.

The Razer Chroma kit is priced at $ 79.99, sold directly on the Razer website and comes with two LED strips, but the buyer can add two more strips for 29.99.