Raven’s Banquet» will hit Apple TV + in February; “Little America” trailer is released

Rob McElhenney

Another week means what? Another wave of news from Apple TV +, of course!

«Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet»

We already talked here about «Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet», the comedy series created by Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day (in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”).

Now, Apple has announced its debut date: February 7, when the first season – consisting of 9 episodes of 30 minutes each – will be available at once on Apple TV +.

Rob McElhenney

Rob McElhenney

As already described, the production will accompany a team from a video game studio responsible for creating and maintaining a popular title.

The series will star McElhenney himself as the studio’s creative director, and will also feature F.

Murray Abraham (Oscar winner for “Amadeus”), Danny Pudi, Imani Hakim, Charlotte Nicdao, David Hornsby, Ashly Burch and Jessie Ennis.

«Little America»

Apple also released the first trailer for «Little America» – the anthological series on immigrants created by Lee Eisenberg («The Office»), Emily V.

Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani (both from “Sick of Love”).

Check it out:

The series, as already disclosed, will arrive on Apple TV + in next 17.

Sharon Horgan

Finally, the deadline reported that Apple has signed a preference agreement with Sharon Horgan, actress and screenwriter behind series like “Catastrophe” and «Divorce».

With that, all of Horgan’s future projects will have Apple TV + as their preferred destination – they can only be appropriated by other companies if Apple is not interested in them.

Sharon Horgan

Sharon Horgan

Previously, Horgan had this same contract with Amazon, but it was recently closed.

Negotiations with the actress / screenwriter were led by Apple’s British television division, with Apple’s global video director, Jay Huntsupervising the contract.

Horgan is currently working on two projects designed before the Apple contract: «Shining Vale» (a series of comedy and horror) and «Delilah» (a production for HBO Max).