Rare video shows Steve Jobs presenting NeXT Computer in 1988, in full

Who watched the movie “Steve Jobs” – read our full review here – saw one of the most remarkable moments in his life, which was the introduction of NeXT Computer in 1988.

Because a very rare video presented by Steve Jobs was digitized from VHS tapes and recently uploaded to YouTube. You can watch it in full above, over two and a half hours long. The image quality is not the best (many parts are very dark), but the audio is great.

NeXT Computer hit the market just the following year, costing a modest $ 6,500 (value of the time, uncorrected; today it would amount to more than $ 13,000) – plus $ 2,000 for a laser printer and another $ 2,000 for an external hard drive. Only 50,000 units of the machine have been produced.

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