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Rare items in Apple history signed by Steve Jobs are auctioned

A number of interesting memories from the history of Apple and its co-founder, Steve Jobs, is being auctioned by the company's former product design engineer, Jerrold Manock. He worked for Ma between 1977 and 1984, which is why he has some extremely rare items that will appeal to anyone who has been with the company for years.

Titled “The Steve Jobs Auction” (“The Steve Jobs Auction”), the lot includes items from these decades, including signed contracts Jobs for the production of the Apple II, in addition to several official company products, such as t-shirts, mugs and much more.

THE Apple I Functional is the rare jewel in the collection published in the RR Auction. Classified as “exceptional condition”, it is one of the few prototypes of Ma's first computer that exists even more with all the components and accessories necessary for operation. The part was acquired by its owner in the 1980s in exchange for an IBM computer.

Auction: Apple I

Interestingly, that same Apple I appeared in a recent episode of “Pawn Stars”(“ Done Deal ”) from History, when RR Auction tried to sell the machine to Rick Harrison, owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Harrison hired the experts who rated the machine as an “incredible example” worth $ 500k, but the bets started for much less.

The highest price for which an Apple I was sold was $ 910k at an auction held in 2014 by Bonhams History of Science in New York. Although the initial collection estimates are around US $ 300 thousand, it is interesting to see how much this unit will be sold.

Another rarity an original model of Macintosh Portable M5120. Launched in 1989, the "laptop" was a failure due to its large size, high price and a battery of just one hour. Manock is also selling his Macintosh 128K (released in 1984), which features a sign on the back written "In Apreo a: Jerry Manock". Even though it is in good static condition, the operating system does not load and the disk drive is inoperable.

Finally, an auction is also being auctioned Apple Watch launched in 1998. No, this is not the watch we are used to, but a product launched for the campaign "Think Different" of the Ma. With anodized aluminum bezel and black dial with white numbers, the watch also shows the time in a different way: its hands run anti-clockwise.

Auction: Apple Watch

THE “The Steve Jobs Auction”, which includes the personal collection of the former engineer at Ma, accepting new bets until March 12. A pity that, with the dollar in the heights, bidding gets a little more complicated, otherwise 😛

via Cult of Mac