Apple I leiloado

Rare edition of Apple I is auctioned for over R $ 2 million

From time to time, we talk here about rare items from the old Apple catalog that are sold at exorbitant prices at auctions around the world. For here is one of the most impressive examples.

According to MacRumors, an ultra rare edition of Apple I (the first computer model designed by Ma, when the company was still based on a garage) was completed by no less than $ 458,711.25, or, in our current appetizing exchange, R $ 2.22 million. The operation was carried out by auction house RR Auction, in Boston (United States).

The Apple I in question, as well as all about 200 produced, was personally assembled by Steve Wozniak and is still perfectly functional, in addition to having all the original components and accessories including a small monitor with signal modulator, a built-in keyboard , the power source and copies of the instruction manuals.

Apple I auctioned off

The computer was purchased by a computer store in Michigan (USA) in the 1980s and, after a few years of being displayed in space as a kind of museum item, has spent more than two decades sealed. Before the auction, it was completely restored by Corey Cohen, one of the few Apple I certified specialists in the world (yes, that occupation exists).

The buyer's identity was not revealed. It is worth noting that, even with the exorbitant figures, the purchase price is not the largest ever disbursed to finish off an Apple I: in 2014, another copy of the machine was auctioned for US $ 905,000. Not bad, huh?