rare Apple sneakers were auctioned for over R $ 80,000!

Par de tênis da Apple

We have already talked about several computer auctions and other old pieces of Apple hardware that are sold for good money.

However, lately we have seen increasingly “random” items being auctioned off, such as mugs, a retail poster and now a pair of sneakers.

Before we go into the details of the auction, let’s understand better the history behind this sneaker: Apple launched a fashion line in 1986, and some items were only available to company employees (such as the pair of sneakers in question).

They were never sold to the general public, so they became one of the most sought after items in the company’s clothing.

Despite the weather and the slight wear, the pair of sneakers auctioned off recently was bought by more than R $ 80 thousand (US $ 16,000), showing how much they are desired by some people; in 2017, another example of the same shoe was sold for about R $ 150 thousand (US $ 30 thousand), according to a report by GQ.

Apple merchandise has always attracted the interest of the brand’s biggest fans, especially clothing created just for its employees.

In the same store where the auctioned sneakers were sold (open only to employees), there were T-shirts stamping the company’s most diverse products – including Steve Jobs’ former company, NeXT.

1990s Apple T-shirts.

Nowadays Apple has other clothing items for sale in its stores, but maintains the tradition of selling items only to employees.

At the company’s headquarters (Apple Park, located in Cupertino), bags, t-shirts and caps with the company’s logo can be purchased by visitors, in addition to items that are distributed exclusively during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple Park items for sale

Spending thousands of dollars on old items is not for everyone, but it is that story: who can, can …

via MacRumors