Rappi: the fastest, simplest and most efficient delivery service

Just open your eyes in the morning for a person to start receiving news and information about new applications and programs. Created in various segments and to facilitate the daily lives of the entire population, these systems, such as the famous Rappi delivery service, reach success in a short time after launch.

However, as the offer of similar services increases every day, it is necessary to go further and offer exactly what the consumer wants to guarantee loyalty. It was with this in mind that the developers of the Rappi app won over millions of users. Find out more now:

You may not have accessed the Rappi app and still haven’t used its functions, but you have certainly heard about the available delivery methods, haven’t you?

“It’s a delivery that delivers anything”, this is the most common explanation when the challenge is to define what this innovative project is and how it works. But, according to users, Rappi is much more than this simple definition! Follow now the pros and cons of this application:


  • There are no restrictions on what to deliver;
  • Speed ​​and ease to receive the item you need at the address provided;
  • Possibility to ask employees to make purchases for you and deliver them as soon as the conference on the indicated list is finished;
  • Choose the type of service you want to pay, for example, calculate the value according to the price of the product or the delivery time;
  • Available for devices enabled with the Android or iOS system and also in the web version;
  • The user can monitor the progress of his order in real time;
  • It is possible to find evaluations and comments about any of the deliverers and also check their profile before finalizing your selection;
  • With just a few clicks, the user can filter the services offered in their region, which eliminates that old waste of time when it was necessary to click on the option to make sure it was valid at your address;
  • Access to the so-called RappiCash, an efficient and intelligent delivery service for those who need to pay something, but cannot go to a bank branch to withdraw the necessary money.
  • It is also possible to select the option “anything” if you cannot find the item you need from the list provided by the application;

Negative points

Although it is already present and in perfect working order in 140 Brazilian municipalities and several others abroad, many people criticize the absence of services in other states and cities in Brazil and this is one of the negative points.

Through the Rappi application the user can request the delivery of numerous products listed in: supermarkets, restaurants, donate now, #emcasaeuposso, 24h pharmacy, express, drinks, nespresso, easter, Sos Iphone, Carrefour, stores, barbecue, petz and supplements ;

It is also allowed that the option “anything” is chosen and, thus, the desired item can be searched and delivered by the team, even if it does not appear in the list mentioned above;

Another widely used resource is RappiCash which, as already explained, works for the payment of debts and products when the user does not have the value in hand;

Seeking to make life even easier for its users, the application has different ways to pay for the service, such as credit and / or debit card, cash payment, RappiCr credits and Paypal;

A praised feature is also the function of dividing the total amount of the order in the application itself, an option that optimizes the time when friends and / or family are gathered.

Did you want to take advantage of this great delivery option? Know that the download can be done quickly according to your device’s system instructions, as in the link below:

Click the Play Store icon

The list of competitors for this application is long, so its creators keep innovating. Other popular delivery apps include: Lalamove, Loggi, Garupa and Bipboy.

It is very worthwhile now to access the download of the Rappi application and all the others to take advantage of these functions, which undoubtedly guarantee comfort, convenience, speed, economy and safety for users who dream of not having to leave the house to get more toilet paper. , pay the water bill, take the dog to the vet or any other need.