Ransomware: Exchange firm has to pay $ 6 million for stolen data

Travelex is having to use pen and paper to work after hackers hijack data from the company's system, only after the $ 6 million payment will it be possible to access the saved data again. The attack was made in the new year, and as a result the company took down its websites in more than 30 countries to contain the virus and protect the data.

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According to Travelex in an official post, this is an act of a gang of cyber criminals known for using the Ransomware virus, data hijacker. They are also known as REvil and have hacked into the company's computers and complete the download of 5GB of sensitive data from the company's customers. Data include credit card number, date of birth, insurance number and others.

The group told the company that the only way to maintain data security is to ensure that they do not use any information obtained to make the payment, so that everything will be deleted and the network back to normal. Despite the pressure, the company is beginning to slowly return to business, the data accessed would be encrypted, which does not guarantee that the hijackers will not be able to use them. For now, Travelex says it is working closely with the police and has set aside cyber security IT teams to solve the case.

Despite the obvious attack, on the 31st the company displayed only one message that its site was down for maintenance in Europe, Asia and the United States. No announcement email was sent explaining the actual conditions of the company nor a public post on social networks. The case is still under investigation, with the possibility of customers of the company from around the world being harmed with what happened, we have to wait to see the consequences of the attack.

Source: BBC, Travelex. [TagsToTranslate] virus