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Raising with the right foot | Top best alarms for Android

Ah! The morning! Not the favorite time of day? Especially at this time of year when everything conspires so that you stay in bed instead of going to work? When do you need to leave your bed warm to face another tiring day at work? Amazingly enough, there are people who get up without any problems, still do some yoga exercises, drink some orange juice and run 4.5 km to start the day well. Definitely not part of this statistic. So here is a list of the Best Alarms for Android on Google Play Store so that your day starts as abruptly as possible.

Xtreme Alarm Clock Free

Reading the name of the application, I expected a program developed by Schwarzenegger or Stallone. Well, almost that. If, like my roommate, you can hear the alarm ring for long minutes without waking up or if you turn off the alarm while you are still sleeping and because of that you don't wake up, the Xtreme Free Alarm Clock for you. Customize alarms to play slowly or repeatedly at varying times, and choose the way that works best for you: favorite music, random music, gradual volume increase, a puzzle to decipher, auto repeat, countdown, and more . You can choose between a free version and a paid version, which contain more options. effective.


From Market's description, Droid Alarm gives each user the opportunity to wake up at their own pace. I like the proposal to have the phone talking to me in the morning, to wake up with information like time and temperature. Beware, however, some versions may have bugs. But in English it worked well, now if you belong to the category of "Morning Grumpy this may not be the app for you. In general opinion, the app got a very impressive 4.5 from the Google Play Store .

Sleep as Android

I tested the Sleep as Android app for our section 1 app, 3 reviews. Despite the absolutely horrible design, the alarm remains one of my favorites. Perfect for gently waking up, it offers thousands of options, depending on what suits your profile best. For someone like me who hates to wake up abruptly, the gradual touch that begins with a very delicate sound level is the perfect solution.

Watch Plus

Relgio Plus developers have really thought of everything, since the app includes 1001 ways to wake up. Only the bucket of water on the head, particularly very effective, is not on the list. We find musical alarm clock, alarm ring alarm, auto alarm, puzzle, flashlight, volume down, vibrating and weather information and more. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times and has been very effective, it does its job well … but again, the design needs to be improved. Dear developers, any solutions?

Air horn

If, despite all my suggestions, you are still not able to get out of bed, desperate times call for desperate measures, the Air Horn should stay on your home screen. You have an important meeting and yet you can't move a body muscle, don't worry: take a deep breath and blow the horn, let the phone close to your ear and … wake up guaranteed!

Forgot an application? Feel free to share your opinion about best alarm clocks in the comments!

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