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Raise your hands to the sky: iOS 13 has a new volume indicator! [atualizado]

It seems rather pathetic that one of the most anticipated news for the iOS 13 it was a new volume indicatorBut real what only attests to how old-fashioned and obstructive was the previous solution, kept the same since the first iPhone.

New iOS 13 Volume Indicator

Well, fear nothing, because the 9to5Mac has just reassured souls around the world: even though the news was not highlighted in the WWDC19 presentation keynote, yes, iOS 13 has a new volume indicator!

The solution may seem at first a little inelegant after all, what would be the point of replacing an intrusive square in the middle of the screen with a rectangle (with rounded corners equally intrusive in the left corner?) But the decision makes sense when considering that the new Interactive volume bar: You can slide your finger on it to control the sound via touch, as in Control Center, and if you ignore it, it shrinks to the size of a scroll bar:

New iOS 13 Volume Indicator

Maybe this is not the solution everyone expected below, a concept by designer Ben Geskin shows “an idea” good more discreet (maybe even too much), very similar solution used by apps like Instagram or Telegram. Still, an evolution, isn't it?

Remember, too, that we are still in the first beta of iOS 13. Apple can (and should!) bring some visual trouble to the system until its final release and, with any luck, we can still see a volume indicator. more elegant and functional in the coming months. Will take.

Update by Eduardo Marques 6/3/2019 7:44 PM

Developer Guilherme Rambo (who is attending WWDC19) demonstrated in video how the new volume indicator works:

Did you like it? 😃