contador web Saltar al contenido – Rain Sounds | AndroidPIT – Rain Sounds is a very original app. In fact, it mimics and reproduces the sound of rain in all its variations. The user can thus relax to the sound of rainwater. Want to know more about this app? So stay tuned in our app review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: None – Rain Sounds boots to a screen from which sounds, wallpapers, and the sound effects timer can be selected. It is possible, for example, to activate the rain effect at a certain time of night to make your sleep even more relaxing.

Most interestingly, two sound files can be played at the same time. Their overlap creates an even more complex rain effect. In the background, rain images follow one another. The viewed photos can be selected in the app settings.

It is even possible to set alarms and countdowns for the automatic activation of the app and even a sleep function deactivates the app after a while.

In short: – Rain Sounds is a simple application that is not the greatest wonder of creativity. It would be interesting if he had a few more settings and notifications, but in general we can say that we are pleased with his performance.

Screen & Controls – Rain Sounds has very simple and understandable controls for everyone. Its design is also simple while showing professionalism. We have nothing to complain about for the app in this regard.

Speed ??& Stability – Rain Sounds worked very well during our tests. No unwanted interruptions or slowdowns.

Price / Performance Ratio – Rain Sounds can be purchased for 1.44 on Google Play. The quality of the app's audio is the best and the price is hardly salty for those who like to find every possible way to relax.