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Rail Maze | AndroidPIT

If you are already familiar with games whose purpose is to rebuild ducts and conduits so that water can circulate properly, Rail Maze might be a good choice. The good thing that the game goes beyond the commonplace and brings some surprises. Discover them through our review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Smasung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.0.4Root: YesModifications: Yes. AOKP ROM Build 35 / Popcorn Kernel 10.2 NightlyApplication Details:Wheel from: Android 2.1App2SD: Not available for Galaxy TabSize: approx. 25.5MB Optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich: No, but it works without problemsOptimized for tablet: No, but you can use it without problemsPermits:Communication Network: for advertisingCalls: Pause play during callsSystem Tools: disable standbyThe Rail Maze is a game like many others of its kind. The goal of the player is to rotate tubes, place them and restructure them so that the water circulates as best as possible. The difference from Rail Maze is that its backdrop is the Old West, on which a railway is being built. That is, the goal here is not to conduct water through pipelines, but to build the railroad tracks. Someone will say that the principle of the game is the same, but we cannot deny that it is at the same time a novelty.

The elements of the game are different, although they are nothing out of this world. For example, in normal mode: the main objective is to fit parts and find the correct route so that the train can run.

As usual, the following levels represent greater difficulty. To make things a little easier, there are levels where the goal is to move the tracks and move them around to avoid train robbers.

There is yet another mode that combines normal mode with time. That is, you will have a set time to remove the old rails, build new ones and redo the entire system.

ConclusionRail Maze is a very good reinterpretation of a certain well-known and widely celebrated type of game. As much as it is said that there are changes in the look of the game, we cannot say at all that it is something completely new. If you're not looking for something new, it's definitely the game of entertaining for real.

Screen & Controls

Rail Maze comes with a very simple but interesting cartoon chart. The controls are simple and intuitive.

Speed ​​& Stability

In this regard, we have to take our hat off to Rail Maze: the game is stable and fast.

Price / Performance Ratio

Rail Maze is available on the Play Store for free. This means, as usual, gambling with advertising. The good thing is that it does not appear at all levels of the game.