Rack version of the new Mac Pro is now on sale in the USA

Apple has just made it available for purchase, under United States and in several countries (such as Portugal) – in Brazil it is not yet available as it probably still needs to be screened by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) – the special version in rack of the new Mac Pro.

As we reported, despite having the same configurations as the tower version, the entry model of the new option costs $ 500 more expensive (in Brazil, the difference will be in R $ 4 thousand).

Instead of feet or casters, the version for mounting on rack uses stainless steel slide rails which allow the Mac Pro to be stacked on top of other machines.

Mac Pro rack version

Nevertheless, the workstation it has the same lattice design (which tripophobes don’t like) to maximize the internal air flow, in addition to the upper handles to access the internal components.

The base model of the Mac Pro (either tower or rack) is equipped with an Intel Xeon W processor of 3.5GHz and 8 cores, 32GB of RAM and meager storage of 256GB.