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Rabbit or crow? Video on Twitter confuses users | Internet

Rabbit or crow? A short video shared on Twitter by the Imgur imagery service last Saturday (17) puzzled netizens for showing a hand caressing what was apparently a rabbit. However, by paying a little attention to the clip, it can be noted that it is actually a crow.

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The video was even more successful on the Internet by being re-shared by scientist Dan Quintana the next day. Imgur's original tute won over 526 retutes and 1,700 likes by the time of the issue's publication. Meanwhile, Quintana's post has more than 44,300 likes and has been retweeted over 11,400 times.

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The video causes confusion in people at first glance because it looks like a rabbit. Imgur's original publication plays with this fact, with the caption: I think there is something wrong with this rabbit. Dan Quintana also ironic, with the message rabbits love affection in the muzzle.

However, a little attention to the video is enough to realize that the animal in question is actually a crow. What at first glance may look like the rabbit's muzzle is the bird's head, and the mammal's long ears are the bird's beak.

Google Images identifies animal as crow Photo: Reproduction / TechTudoGoogle Images identifies animal as crow Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

Google Images identifies animal as crow Photo: Reproduction / TechTudo

This suspicion can be confirmed using Google Images reverse search. The searcher analyzed a screenshot of the video as funny crow gif "raven fun gif" in english. Therefore, the clip bird is specifically a crow.

In an interview with CNET technology site, Dan Quintana commented that his main incentive to re-share Imgur's image was the figure's popularity: the bird / rabbit aesthetic illusion well known in the field of psychology and philosophy, so I found it interesting to share the video as soon as I saw him.

The reference was noted by followers, who responded to Quintana's tute with a famous duck / rabbit illusion image. Of unknown authorship, the illustration was published in a German magazine in 1892 and became popular after being used by the American psychologist Joseph Jastrow to prove that illusions are also caused by people's mental activity.

According to Jastrow's study, the speed with which the individual perceives both the possibilities of the image (rabbit and duck) may indicate how creative he is. Supposedly, the faster the animals are noticed, the more imagination one has to be able to change perception with agility.

Via CNET and NewsCorp Australia

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