Quietly, Apple enhances App Store search algorithms

Quietly, Apple enhances App Store search algorithms

Searching algorithms are not easy. Any changes that Google makes to PageRank, for example, usually affect the ranking of a small percentage of sites that, in the web universe, means a lot.

The scope of App Store much smaller, but not least. From time to time, developers and users notice improvements in her searches like algorithm changes made in 2012, as well as an update that started to consider typos in 2013. Ten days ago, on November 3, it seems that Apple quietly implemented a significant change in its algorithms.

According to TechCrunch, the search engine of the App Store (including the Mac App Store) has been improved so that it no longer takes into account the title keywords and the field for them that developers fill when publishing their apps / games, making it is smarter and takes into account a number of other factors such as content on app pages (including user reviews), competitor brands and others.

Here's an example of a search for “Twitter” on the Mac App Store:

Search for

Virtually all of the first results are quite relevant. Before November 3, for example, a search for “Twitter” in the App Store for iPhone put Instagram on top of the list. No more.

It is difficult to say exactly what Apple has changed, but the fact is that many have noticed a significant improvement in the search results of the App Store from ten days to now. And this is good for everyone: users get more relevant apps and developers also have a better chance of converting searches into sales / downloads. With the size of your store's collection, Apple has to work constantly now to avoid search manipulation.

Last year, another cool new feature she implemented was a related suggestion bar. This, however, has not yet reached the Brazilian App Store.