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QuickPic is one of the most beloved, simple, functional and complete gallery apps for Android. Yesterday, the developers announced the sale of the app to Cheetah Mobile, which generated a lot of discontent (and some anger) among users. Now the original QuickPik developer team has decided to comment on it, check out what they have to say.

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The text was posted on the Google+ page of Nanling Zheng, the creator of the app. The main points are:

  • QuickPik is always free;
  • the same team still works on the app;
  • The number of permissions required by the app will not increase.
  • Announcements should not arrive soon;
  • New features are coming (image editing and cloud storage).

In addition, Zheng also said he was a little disappointed by the large number of 1-star reviews left on the Play Store right after the announcement of the sale and that the app was not simply sold, but he and the whole team went to work for Cheetah. Mobile, and that they will continue to develop the app, but now with features for it. Zheng also commented on the difficulties of maintaining an independent developer, as few people agree to pay for an app and even fewer donate.

A solution for those who don't want to risk downloading QuickPik version 4.5.2 and blocking app updates.

For those who don't know, Cheetah Mobile is the developer of Clean Master and dozens of other related apps, most of which just repeat functions already on your smartphone or promise generic enhancements like "improve battery", "remove viruses", etc. Basically, a developer who spamms almost useless applications to sell advertisements.

Cheetah Mobile's profile is exactly what has enraged QuickPic users, as many fear the company will only use the app to sell ads from other companies and to push others from their apps to the user. As the reaction of users was fast and strong, Cheetah Mobile made an announcement with some clarifications:

  • They do not intend to charge or place ads on QuickPic at this time;
  • They want to develop user-oriented functions, improving the user experience;
  • Incorporate CM Backup for a simpler, faster and safer storage experience;
  • Data privacy is very important, so all data passed from the app to Cheetah Mobile is anonymous and stored in the Amazon cloud outside of China.

There are alternatives to QuickPic on the Play Store, and you can also download a previous purchase: The latest version of QuickPic available on the Play Store was updated on August 28, just before the announcement, but under the name Cheetah Mobile. Version 4.5.2 requires Android 2.0 or higher and occupies about 5MB.

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Perhaps to take advantage of the adverse sale reaction, the Focus premium went on sale today.

the end of QuickPic? What is the best alternative to the app?

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