Screenshot do app QuickeR!

QuickeR! is an application developed by Brazilians and made for you to not forget anything

Brazilian duo Gustavo Duarte and Lucas Costa just released the QuickeR! on the App Store.

QuickeR app icon!

We are talking here about a powerful reminder manager. Some may think that reminders and tasks are the same, but not. We can say that the idea of ​​QuickeR! not replace apps / services like Todoist and Wunderlist, but Reminders (Reminders), native to iOS. But what would be the difference between reminders and tasks? Think of it this way: taking an 8/8 hour remedy is a reminder; preparing MacMagazine Live for the Apple event on Monday a task. Face reminders as more punctual things, which cannot be forgotten at all and need to be carried out at that particular time.

For that, QuickeR! it Works very well. Starting with the very possibility of being able to set reminders at hourly intervals (ideal for remedies something iOS Reminders does not support). His tactic so that you do not forget the simple and effective reminder: a notification every one minute as soon as the reminder time arrives obviously, you can change this in the settings of the app (for once only or once an hour). The idea behind this will notify the user tirelessly until a decision is made, whether it is to conclude or postpone the reminder.

Reminders can also be created by two different fields (normal or fast). Through the fast field just type the reminder, the day / time he will automatically recognize everything. It is also possible to create recurring events, send reminders to others, add labels (personal, work, home, family, health, friends, etc.) and / or notes, view all or just reminders for the day, week or month, mute all alerts at once, use / change the times predefined by the app ("in the morning", "at lunch", "afternoon" or "night") and more!

If you're not happy with your current reminder app, it's a good option.