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Question Android Answers: Everything You New Users Need to Know

4.0 = Ice Cream Sandwich (verse linking mobile and tablet platforms)

3. What rom (or firmware (FW))?The rom or firmware the device software, his system. When it comes to upgrading the rom or firmware, it means upgrading its operating system. This type of update is divided into two different ways:

Full = update that erases all data from your device.Service = only updates your system, but erases nothing.

4. What custom rom? The name is given to modified roms, some of which give the possibility of making various changes, which are usually not present in the original roms that come in the handsets.

5. What rom retail?Rom retail is basically rom without carrier configurations.

6. What does it mean to wipe?This means erasing the phone data, and is divided into 4 parts:

Wipe Cache: clears the system cache.Wipe Data / Factory Reset: Clears the entire operating system of the device (can also be called Hard Reset) Wipe Dalvik Cache: Clears the system Dalvik Cache (application cache).

7. What to root? safe? Can I undo some day?Root access to the system as superuser, just like in Linux. From the moment you are rooted, you can remove applications from the system, fiddle with system folders themselves, use some programs, such as Titanium Backup (which is often used for backing up device data). Ordinary user can not. Yes, safe, when done correctly. It can be undone as easily as done. Currently we have 3 very good apps to get root: z4root, Universal Androot and SuperOneClick.

8. Abroad there is already a custom rom or even an official update for a particular device, can I put in mine? Never do this (unless your device is from abroad). Use only original or custom ROMs for YOUR device. Unless you want to have a paperweight.

8.1. But the same device, still can not?No, the versions of the handsets, however similar, have differences (in the US, for example, the telephone system is CDMA, and here in Brazil is GSM). In this case too, the insistence can lead to a beautiful paper weight as quoted above.

9. What is samsung Kies?Kies is a software for synchronizing and updating firmware for samsung phones (when available).

10. Does my phone ask for a google account to register, required?It is very important because with it registered in the mobile phone, it is possible to access the market, send pc applications for installation on the smartphone, backup contacts on the internet (fully secure), synchronization with google calendars, picasa, and a host of other things related to google . So, make sure you do this registration.

11. I found the Honeycomb UI and performance satisfactory, is it possible to use also on my android phone?Most likely not, precisely because it is optimized for tablets, the performance and size of the buttons, among many other things, would make the phone not accept honeycomb well. But the good news is that android 2.4 (Codename icecream sandwich) will come to merge android back into one (for both tablets and smartphones). It is scheduled for the end of the year.

12.I found an application on the forum, but I don't know if it works on my phone, can I test it?We agree that the only way to know, lol. Installing an app to test if it works does not damage the device. Of course it's always good to have an anti-virus on your phone

.SBFIt is one of the most widely used formats (as well as .SHX) for compiling FW devices.

RSDjust a program that lets you flash your device.

MSUAcronym for Motorola Software Update, motorola program for updating your FW. It does not downgrade like RSD.

OTAOver-the-air acronym. In other words, upgrade your device without the need for programs. You perform it directly from the device by downloading the FW over your data network or WIFI.

ADB(Android Debug Bridge) is a tool that comes with the Android SDK that allows you to control and interface with the Android device.Source: Forum Android