Quarentena: saiba onde comprar materiais de escritório baratos

Quarantine: know where to buy cheap office supplies

We all know that, due to the arrival of the coronavirus here in Brazil, we should be quarantined without leaving home. In fact, most of those who are still working and have a way to earn money have to do home office.

Since we can't go out, it is possible to end up without knowing where to buy cheap office supplies or medical and hygiene products. To help you with this, we decided to create this article listing some of the best options available to buy your products.

Read on and check out all the sites (many of which you've probably heard of or even used)!

1. Amazon

Amazon is a multinational technology conglomerate, one of the largest companies in the business today. It focuses on several areas, including e-commerce, virtual computing through various hosting and website security platforms, a very complete and artificial intelligence streaming service.

Known as the largest digital market in the world, you can find the most varied products, such as smartphones of different brands, appliances, electronics, computer accessories, clothes, the famous Kindles to read digital books and office materials cheap and easy to buy.

With frequent discounts and promotions, free shipping on most products, fast delivery and an excellent support service, it is probably the best platform for digital purchases, whether during the quarantine of the coronavirus or after all this is resolved. Follow the link to the official website and see more.

Amazon where to buy cheap office supplies

2. Kalunga

Another alternative for online shopping is Kalunga, a Brazilian network of products that includes stationery and computer supplies with branches distributed throughout the national territory, in 21 of the 26 states. It was founded in 1972 and currently also has its own product lines.

The name originates from the African Bantu dialect “calunga”, which meansAll the best. It has more than 11 thousand items of various types to meet any need you may have, with options from many different brands.

In addition, it has telesales for those who do not like to shop online (but can not leave because of the quarantine) with an always active team, all to better serve their customers and make them satisfied. Check their website now, which is available through the link.

3. Saraiva

One of the largest and best known Brazilian bookstore chains, which has existed for over 100 years, Saraiva is an excellent platform for anyone looking to buy cheap office supplies online. Currently, it represents more than 20% of the bookstore market in our country.

Even though it initially started with the exclusive focus of selling books, it eventually evolved and expanded to several other markets with Saraiva Mega Store, a chain of department stores that covers sectors such as CDs, national and imported books, DVDs, BluRays, electronics, computer accessories, games and more.

They always have discounts, offer a loyalty card with points to help you make more purchases while spending less, free shipping above a certain purchase amount and several other benefits. See all this and more by following the link.

Saraiva where to buy cheap office supplies

4. Gimba

Among the various options for those who want to know where to buy cheap office supplies is Gimba, a website with a greater focus on business solutions, even though it is also possible to make purchases for your personal home office needs.

It also offers products of the most varied types, such as computer accessories, food products, cleaning and hygiene items and more, making deliveries to anywhere in the country.

It has four different sales channels, with solutions for any consumer, from individuals to large companies. They are only through the virtual store, physical store, telesales and corporate contracts.

Rather than delivering the items you need when needed, it also offers a supply management system with a web interface. Go to the official website to check it out!

5. Casa do Papel

A Porto Alegre company, everyone from the south of the country certainly knows Casa do Papel, one of the most complete options with a wide variety of products and alternatives for its consumers.

Founded in 1974, it currently offers deliveries throughout the national territory and has more than 20 stores with more than 15,000 items from different sectors. It has several sales channels: physical stores (which are currently closed due to the coronavirus and the resulting quarantine), the virtual store and telesales, both by phone and WhatsApp. Follow the link to see more.

Casa do Papel where to buy cheap office supplies

Did you like our list of where to buy cheap office supplies without leaving your home?

Use these sites to make all the purchases necessary to work at home while helping to fight the coronavirus by not breaking the quarantine.

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