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Quarantine: ideas for getting more productive at home

If you never had to work from home and now need it because of quarantine, you may be experiencing some problems. To help you, we have selected the best ideas to be more productive at home!

Keep reading to check all of them and implement them in your day to day and work better.

1. Create a work routine

Among the main ideas to be more productive in the homework needed during the quarantine caused by the coronavirus is to adopt a routine with well-defined schedules for work and leisure, even if it is quite different from the ones you had when you went to the office.

This is also one of the biggest advantages of working at home: the fact that you have complete freedom to decide when you want to “get on the jamb”. However, it is worth remembering that having a very good routine for humans, in addition to helping to prevent the following problems:

  • Working too much: if you focus too much on your work you can end up neglecting yourself, your family and your pets;
  • Very little work: as it has no routine, it is very common for people to fall into the habit of procrastinating and leaving their duties and tasks for the last moment, which makes everything more stressful.

That is, plan your day. Create a well-defined work routine, with the time you will start, lunch breaks and when working time is over. To help you with this task, we have a selection of the best time management tools!

Create a work routine ideas to stay more productive

2. Create a good working environment

Another of the fundamental ideas to be more productive at home work is to create and maintain a working environment that is pleasant for you. It is most recommended, if possible, to separate a room from your home exclusively for your work. That is, the room does not count (and a bad option).

A good working environment must be well organized. Always try to keep your desk clean and with nothing but the office supplies essential for the job, which will ultimately help you stay focused in order to keep earning money.

Other recommendations for the workspace are that it is well lit, well ventilated and that it guarantees privacy, so that no one in your home disturbs you.

If you have any money left over, in order to make personal investments, now is the time. A desk you like, a more comfortable keyboard or your dream headset are things that are very worthwhile to increase your productivity in that quarter.

3. Stay comfortable

Partially included in the previous one, getting comfortable is also very important to be able to work on the internet, being very productive. If you still don't have a particularly comfortable chair, for example, you almost need to buy it now to work harder and have less back pain.

In addition to the chair, it is also necessary to pay close attention to your posture. A lot of people are thrown in the chair, which ends up taking part of their focus and causing more pain, which will make everything more difficult. Then you sit up straight with your feet on the floor and your arms supported.

Avoid using your bed as a "desk" as much as possible. It may seem comfortable, but it will result in pain in your neck and lower back, which will impair your productivity and your health.

4. Create a task list

Another of the best ideas to be more productive when working at home, whether with a focus on making extra income or adapting to the home office regime, creating a list of chores and routine tasks, which you can do through apps for project management.

In this list you must include all your tasks, regardless of how important each one is. Once you have all of them written, you should organize them in the way that works best for you. In general, it is recommended to be a priority, with the top ones that you absolutely cannot postpone.

Ideally, nothing is left for later, for the next day. But of course, this is not always possible, and that is why the listing is so. With it, you do everything you need and you can do without doing harm. In addition, the creation of daily goals is highly recommended. With them, you will know that you need to make a numberx of tasks that day.

Create a list of ideal tasks to get more productive

5. Eliminate distractions

Anyone who is starting to work from home now is possibly dealing with the problem of the presence of many distractions in the environment. It is recommended that you limit their existence around you. For example, if you are a person who cannot stand without looking at your phone, leave it off or in another room.

Close all social networks, disable Facebook notifications, use ear muffs to completely isolate yourself, turn off the TV and even use apps to increase focus or productivity apps.

This will be quite difficult at first, which makes spaces for breaks where you can take advantage of distractions. As you get used to not using them, increase the spacing of these breaks more and more until you no longer need them.

6. Have leisure time

Finally, the last of the ideas to stay more productive while having to work at home because of the quarantine of the coronavirus is one that can seem somewhat counterproductive: setting aside leisure time.

During this time, you will relax doing the things you love, whether it is playing some of the best free games, watching some Netflix series or any of the movies to watch during the quarantine.

This will help you to relieve stress because of relaxation, something that always results in more productivity. For this to work it is essential that you have discipline in order to avoid spending too much time in these activities.

Have leisure time ideas to stay more productive

Did you like the ideas to be more productive when working at home in quarantine?

Tell us what you think of the article and if we help you with the adaptation. Also, check out how to deal with boredom, the best free exercise apps to stay in shape and how to keep up with your routine without leaving home!