Quarentena: 9 apps de receitas para se entreter na cozinha

Quarantine: 9 recipe apps for entertaining in the kitchen

Although delivery applications are one of the most requested services now that we are in quarantine, many who have had their income shaken – even with emergency assistance – are not in a position to pay more for food. For that, recipe apps are the best alternatives.

Regardless of your financial situation, cooking at home is an excellent way to save money and even to entertain yourself if you are forced to stay at home and cannot work. After all, this is a good way to use your time and develop that essential skill.

That is why recipe apps are so important in this quarantine period. To help you find the ideal one for you, we list the 10 best recipe apps for entertaining in the kitchen.

Check it out below!

1. Tastemade

Tastemade is a content portal on culinary and tourism, it is perfect to follow everything that the online channel has to offer. It is worth mentioning that most of the content published is made up of recipes, made by professional presenters.

In other words, the Tastemade app is for entertainment, but also for learning how to cook better and developing your cooking skills. The app brings you step by step your dishes on video, facilitating learning, bringing together the best of both worlds for those who are quarantined.

By having several programs, you will have access to recipes both for your daily life and to reproduce dishes that you have seen in famous movies in the cinema, among others.

Tastemade is one of the best recipe apps available for smartphones. Download it on your Android or iOS right now!

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<h2>2. Petitchef</h2>
<p>Petitchef is an app for those who are not just looking to entertain themselves in the kitchen, but also want to set up a nutritional menu to lose weight. This is possible because the app shows nutritional information for all the recipes available in its collection.</p>
<p>In addition to checking out the collection, you can search for options of dishes by category and even by specific ingredients. It also brings functionalities similar to social networks, allowing to like and comment on recipes published in the application.</p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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If these functions are interesting, download Petitchef on Android and iOS.

3. Everything Yummy

Using a formula similar to that of the foreign Tastemade, Tudo Gostoso mixes entertainment and cuisine. The formula has made it one of the most popular recipe apps.

The app's recipe collection is also quite extensive, with all kinds of categories, all distributed through a simple and easy to use interface. It also allows you to enjoy the recipes in the collection, which serves as a validation that the recipe is well explained and becomes a delicious meal.

The Tudo Gostoso app is available for Android and iPhone.

4. Light recipes

Another alternative for those who opted for a healthier diet in that region, Recipes Light has a collection of dishes and desserts for those who do not want to consume too many calories. On the home screen, you can see the recipes recently included in the app collection.

In addition, you can filter the app according to the category of the dish – meats, salads, side dishes and desserts, among others – and search for specific recipes. Download Light Recipes on your Android or iPhone!

5. Tasty Recipes

A branch of Buzzfeed, Tasty Recipes is also a complete app, with thousands of recipes in its collection. It brings you step by step of all available dishes and has a special function, which keeps your smartphon screen on while cooking. This prevents you from picking up your cell phone with dirty hands.

Tasty Recipes also has an interesting function for those who are vegetarian: when indicating their food orientation, the app will hide all the meat recipes from the app.

You can search for recipes by category of dish and ingredients, but this is not the most interesting feature of the app. It brings automatic suggestions on what to cook on a daily basis, using factors such as day of the week, commemorative dates and your dietary restrictions in the menu recommendations.

Start using Tasty Recipes right now on Android or iPhone.

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6. My CookBook

Disclosed as a “recipe manager”, it serves as a digital culinary notebook, where you can save your favorites or include the ones you invented.

To start, you can search for recipes on the internet and test them, saving the ones that work in the application. So you can access it more easily in the future. Because of its functioning as a digital cookbook, you need to register to use My CookBook.

It also makes it possible to import recipes that you have saved into other applications. Another interesting function is the shopping list, created automatically according to the recipes you chose to make. It also makes it possible to recalculate the quantities of ingredients, in case the number of people who will participate in the meal changes.

Download MyCookBook on your Android or iPhone to get started!

7. Fit and Healthy Recipes

Also with the purpose of offering healthy recipes for those who are dieting during the aquarentena, Fit Recipes is perfect to use together exercise comapps.

He brings recipes for healthy dishes and drinks to make at home, in addition to separating them into several types. If celaco, for example, there is a whole category dedicated to gluten-free recipes.

Click on the link to download Fit and Healthy Recipes exclusively on iPhone!

8. Kitchen Stories

Like My CookBook, Kitchen Stories proposes to be a digital cookbook. Although they are recipe apps with English names, both are in our language.

It shows its collection according to different themes, such as Japanese food, Italian food or grilled food, for example. The application receives new content constantly, either from written recipes or with video step by step.

Kitchen Stories has a built-in timer that you can use to track the cooking time of recipes and allows you to take notes on the recipes you are preparing. It also generates shopping lists according to the recipes it decided to make during the week, making it easier to organize.

Download Kitchen Stories on your Android or iPhone.

9. Fit & Fat cuisine

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<p>Focused on offering balanced diets for its users, Cozinha Fit & Fat brings menus with a focus on maintaining their health without sacrificing the pleasure of eating.</p>
<p>That is, you will find recipes for both that beet salad that you need to maintain your health, but also for a beautiful pepperoni pizza for the weekend fun. That is, the application brings options<em>fit</em> to accompany you during the routine, but also a little bit of<em>fat</em> (fat, in English) for special occasions or as a reward for maintaining a good diet.</p>
<p>The Fit & Fat Kitchen is available for download on Android or iPhone.</p>
<h2>Recipe apps: which one do you use the most?</h2>
<p>Now that you've seen some of the best recipe apps to entertain yourself in the kitchen, how about starting to develop your cooking skills right now?</p>
<p>Before going to the kitchen to learn how to make your favorite dish, we have just one request: comment below which of the recipe apps we show here the most interesting!</p>

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